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Saturday, July 29, 2017

In Court Filings, Officer of the Court Florida attorney Alan Rose claims that Ted Bernstein NEVER knew Mitch Huhem, though Ted had business meetings scheduled with him the day he died and then of course there is Thanksgiving.

Attorney Alan Rose and Co-Conspirator Judge Martin Colin gets a Lis Pendens blocked and FORCES the sale of the home to Mitch Huhem. Mitch end up dead not long after. PBSO seems to be doing and having done nothing but cover up for the Bad Guys.  Why?

The Simon Bernstein home was and still is to this day of July 27th, 2017) in court battles with beneficiaries, the Property SHOULD not have been Sold by Ted Bernstein.

Who is that Sitting Next to Ted? oh Right Ted don't know Mitch.

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What is Ted Bernstein hiding about Mitch Huhem and Why? Did Mitch Huhem know things about Ted and his parents estate? iViewit? Ted possibly involved in his father's death? What? Mortgage Fraud? Why was Ted called to the scene of a Suicide by PBSO? What is The Truth?

What Happened to the 911 Call?  All this for a Suicide? ya not Buying that one.

Why did Deborah call 911 and give them a Landline instead of Mitch's phone number to find him? Oh and gee darn why did Deborah have the cell phone on her. Oh and where did the tapes of the 911 call disappear to. WOW PBSO is Very Good at all this.  But for WHO? and Why?

Let's Not Ever Forget that the Property that Judge Martin Colin Refused to allow a Lis Pendens on and made sure that Ted Bernstein was able to sell and for UNDERVALUE, well the new own died on the property. They say it is a Suicide, I will NEVER believe that. The Crime scene photos, the evidence, well ya NO evidence to a Suicide. Either Mitch Huhem was murdered or he simply vanished and got another name.

"Donald Trump Friend, Motivational Speaker, MIT FINANCIAL CEO, Utah Native, Mitch Huhem Found Dead in $3.4 Million-Boca Raton Home… Suicide Suspected!

Robert Paisola Reports

Before I begin, I want all of my former and current associates in Utah who worked day in and day out with us at MIT Financial in Salt Lake City, Utah and at The Learning Annex, where we united with Mr. Donald Trump that this is a severe loss for the business.  I have been in hundreds of strategy  meetings with Mitch and he was a great man.  Mitch, You my friend, will forever be missed. You made a lot of us very wealthy both financially and spiritually.
Robert Paisola


BOCA RATON — Close Donald Trump friend Mitch Huhem, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker who had seven children, was found dead in his Boca Raton mansion Tuesday night.

Authorities believe Huhem, 45, shot himself in the head with a handgun in his garage at St. Andrews Country Club.

The Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed Huhem’s body was brought in for an autopsy performed early Wednesday. The results have not been made public.

But Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Spokeswoman Teri Barbera confirmed investigators believe Huhem indeed committed suicide.

Huhem, who became a self-made millionaire at 26, wrote in his online bio he was the first to get presidential candidate Donald Trump before the public as a business seminar speaker.

Huhem got Trump to speak on the topic financial freedom. I , Robert Paisola was personally in his office so many times as we would venture from "the castle" to our office in Orem, Utah. The thought of a 25 year old like me getting to do a deal with Donald Trump.... That is when I started with the company MIT Financial in Utah, under Dr. RG Williams and the boys at our massive executive retreat off of I-15 in Sandy Utah.

Publicly, Huhem seemed to have it all, and not just because he had a beautiful wife and enough kids to build a basketball team. He was an amazing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (The Mormons)

Boca Raton motivational speaker Mitch Huhem, who was dead at home in Boca Raton Tuesday

He ran a successful seminar company that taught folks how to become millionaires. The company, MIT or Millionaires in Training, once conducted 1,600 seminars a year in 638 U. S. cities.

Huhem claimed he offered investment advice to presidents, Olympic athletes, celebrities, captains of industry and national heroes.

Huhem also specialized in multi-level marketing. Early in life, according to his bio, he built and managed a direct sales organization of 600,00 distributors in 22 countries that collectively brought in $480 million.

In private, however, Huhem may have been struggling — and not able to live up to his glowing claims.  (I Personally call BS on this one)

Public records in Orlando, where he owned a modest suburban house, show Huhem and a business partner defaulted on a $2 million-loan and owed a bank nearly $3 million with interests and fees.

According to Orange County records, he was accused of stalking a woman who was not his wife in 2013.

The woman’s request for a stay-away order was denied by a judge."

Source of Quotes above

Ted Berndstein and Mitch Huhem were friends, you know that.

What is the Palm Beach Sheriff Office Hiding in regarding the Friend of Donald Trump, Mitch Huhem's ALLEGED Suicide?

Why has PBSO not looked into EVERY Single Aspect of Mitch Huhem's Death. Who is Paying or Threatening PBSO to NOT look into ALL THIS?

From Eliot Bernstein Court Filing, his Parents Owned the Home, it SHOULD not have been SOLD. It was SOLD via Corrupt Legal Proceedings.

" Having personally viewed many of the pictures taken by the PBSO at my parents’ home
I can clearly affirm to this Court the very grotesque shocking nature of the death of Mitch
Huhem with blood pool and brain parts and fragments in my parents’ garage and yet
having spent nearly an hour on the phone with Detective Perez on or around April 16,
2016 on the Mitch Huhem death providing background information and even other
witnesses to call, there is not one single solitary mention of the phone call with me by
Detective Perez or anyone else in the PBSO that shows up anywhere in the alleged

17.  "Likewise, there is not one single reference or note from any information or conversation
provided to the PBSO by Mitch Huhem’s sisters and mother, nor any indication the
PBSO tried to take any statement from Mitch’s daughters who he spoke to in the days
before he was found dead according to his sisters and yet what has been turned over by
the PBSO are documents, pictures, records, photos and audio tapes showing glaring and
irrefutable contradictions of key details beginning with a 9/11 called claiming Mitch may
be “suicidal” by one Deborah Huhem which is later contradicted in a subsequent 911 Call
before a body is allegedly discovered where it turns out the body is only a few hundred
feet or more away from Deborah Huhem in the same house at 7020 Lions Head Lane,
Boca Raton, Fl.

18. The lack of any consistent evidence turned over by the PBSO includes but is not limited
to contradictions of when the body is allegedly discovered, how the body appears when
discovered, contradictions of when Mitch was last seen by his wife, contradictions of his
last 24 hours and further not one single note or call or interview with key witness Leilani
Ochoada either who is referenced in my Feb. 24, 2016 Emergency Petition for an
Injunction under the All Writs Act as someone who came forward claiming she gave no
permission or authorization to Laurence Pino to incorporate this company in her name
that was used to take my parent’s home.

19. Consistent with what has gone on in this case in Illinois, however, the one common
thread shown by the PBSO disclosures to date is that Ted Bernstein is at the epicenter of
all of this being mentioned by Deborah Huhem multiple times on the the day the body is
allegedly found, being referred to by Deb Huhem, being called by Deb Huhem,
supposedly having meetings on the day in question with Mitch Huhem, even Ted
Bernstein being called to the “scene” at 7020 Lions Head Lane by an unknown,
unidentified member of the PBSO and yet NO statement is taken of Ted Bernstein by the
PBSO until on or about late May of 2016 after these matters were disclosed to this Court
and yet consistent with the close special relationship between Ted Bernstein and the
PBSO, his “interview” is not even recorded with no audio tape made and nothing under
oath allegedly at Ted’s request.

20. Allegedly the phone information of Mitch Huhem’s phone and calls with Ted Bernstein
have been lost and or destroyed either by Deb Huhem or the PBSO allowing Deb Huhem
to keep the phone after the body was found even though the phone itself is the topic of
the alleged original 911 call, but it is fair to say that the discoveries from this part of the
case itself provide substantial “New Evidence” at least for motions in the related Florida
courts and may potentially provide same in this Court as well and thus the extension is
further needed to sort out and asseess these new details coming to light.

21. For relevancy purposes I respectfully refer your Honor back to the Feb. 24, 2016
Emergency Petition and not only take note of the “Discovery” abuse game going on for
years but also the “magically” found documents that show up at places like Lions Head
Lane AFTER it had already been Inventoried and documents removed by the PR, Brian
O’Connell, Esq. firm and remind your Honor of the Missing Mail and documents and
account information and computer information from the Lions Head Lane home and
failed court ordered inventory of Simon’s office whereby all his office records are now
presumed lost or destroyed, all of which relates and is relevant to matters before this
Court and where are the Trusts and Insurance information and similar information.

22. I have previously provided the FBI with this Court’s Docket for review as well and will
be copying certain federal authorities on this motion herein due to the serious nature of
the actions, the crimes committed in the various frauds upon the Courts and what now
appears to many to be a gruesome bloody matter of foul play while certain Courts
continue on in the machinery of fraud denying access presently to proper records and
discovery. "

Source and Full Court Filing and Full Document

PBSO Seems to have Covered up Something, but What ?

I have communicated with many folks over years. People that had appointments with Mitch that very day. Mitch Huhem was NOT Suicidal as far as I have been able to come up with. So what happened? Was Mitch's death related to the fraudulent home sale by Ted Bernstein, was it related to activities in the home, as the PBSO photos are pretty disgusting, that home seems to have had alot going on there. What? I am unsure of.  Ted Bernstein claimed to NOT know Mitch Huhem as did his attorney Alan Rose state in court records that Ted did not know Mitch Huhem, yet Ted had a business meeting with him that day and well there there is this thanksgiving photo. Ted Bernstein on the far left and next to him is his buddy Mitch Huhem. 

What did Ted Bernstein Really have to Do with all this?
 I suspect financial schemes and dirty deals Galore.
in my Opinion

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Hearing Estate of Simon Bernstein Judge Roger Colton

Judge Scher Hearing Estate of Simon Bernstein Judge Roger Colton sitting in for Judge Scher;
Palm County Florida.  Florida Probate Attorney Alan Rose. Florida Insurance Ted Bernstein.
April 27th 2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Eliot Bernstein Florida Probate Case. Florida Estate Case. Florida Estate Fraud. Judge Martin Colin, Palm County Probate Fraud

"With a major shift in the probate story after 3 years where I was a beneficiary with standing in my parents’ estates and trusts to Eliot is not a beneficiary of anything with no standing and thus no rights to be heard to now Eliot is a beneficiary with standing.  See attached 4th DCA Appeal.

Whereby during the last almost two years I was denied my rights by a new Judge put into place after Judge Colin recused himself Sua Sponte, one day after denying a Mandatory Disqualification based on charges he was involved in the fraud on the court and forged documents proven, etc.  Overnight with a new Judge Phillips it was like being in Guantanamo with a bag and gag and Phillips heavily retaliated against me stripping me and my minor children of our rights.

Why, we were exposing a mass of conspiratorial corruption in the courts involving their officers (Judges - Colin, French, Coates & Phillips) and the court appointed officers (Lawyers – Spallina, Tescher, Manceri, Rose, O’Connell, Pankauski et al. and the Fiduciaries – Ted Bernstein…yes, my brother…,Spallina, Tescher, O’Connell and yes the dead Ben Brown, Esq. as Curator.

Don’t forget the Predatory Guardian of Minor children Diana Lewis who has guardianship over an adult with NO HEARING FOR AN ADULT GUARDIANSHIP).  In the opening hearing on Sept 13, 2013 (exactly one year after my father’s death, what kind of asshole judge would schedule on that date, yes, Martin Colon, I mean Colin) the lawyers and fiduciaries were busted in a series of very sick grave robbing schemes involving forgery and fraud of my parents estate and trust documents and fraud on the court through submission of these fraudulent documents to the courts and all committed by trusted lawyers and fiduciaries who admitted to much of that in the very first hearing leading to my mother’s estate that was fraudulently closed being reopened.

The judges, lawyers et al. have robbed the estate of an estimated 100 Million Dollars and 300 Billion Dollars if you count my father and mother’s interests in the Iviewit Intellectual Properties, which this whole story evolves around and yes a trillion dollars will make people do very strange things.

 And, yes I started a sentence with And, my father’s heavy metal poison test then came back with a cocktail of elevated metals, including arsenic and cadmium, lest we not forget the intensity of this for my family, including my children and lovely wife and that is ignoring the bombing of our car see for graphics on that.

So as the events were unfolding in Colin’s Court and the crimes were being investigated by state and federal authorities and Spallina and Tescher (my brother’s bedfellows he brought to my father to redo his estate plans that he was cut out of with my sister Pam for being the rotten kids we all know them to be) were arrested on insider trading charges and Spallina on the stand under cross examination by me before Judge Phillips on 12/15/15 admitted to forging my mother’s trust and sending it to my minor children’s counsel and that their law firm deposited fraudulent documents in the Court, a better court drama then A Few Good Men’s “you can’t handle the truth” scene but this is true and all to shut me down.

The courts and their minions of criminals disguised as lawyers, fiduciaries and guardians wholly stripped me of my rights to be heard and placed a predatory guardianship on my minor children and an adult child (with no adult guardianship hearing held) to silence the family.

At the same time in history the Palm Beach Post was also blowing the whistle on several of these same parties in John Pacenti’s explosive series “Guardianship – A Broken Trust” involved in guardianship abuse, yes, that’s right, basically alleging predatory guardians and the courts were stealing from elders their life savings while drugging them in private guardianhells and eventually leaving them for dead.

Stealing from these vulnerable elderly folks  what they worked to pass to their families their whole lives and now being stolen by the very people who are supposed to be protecting them (Judges, Lawyers, Fiduciaries and Guardians) and they were doing it with impunity as if “above the law.”  Wow, they were doing crimes against a mass of vulnerable parties and now it was all unravelling upon the FL Court Corrupt system headed by my friend, chief judge Jorge Labarga, yes, the very Judge who is involved directly in my 20 year battle with the courts over the technologies they aided and abeted my former lawyers Porksour Rose et al. in stealing, using the courts and violations of their esteemed titles and Labarga was the chief insider crook.

Here’s where crazy gets crazier and Donald Trump’s friend and business associate, Mitchel Huhem, purchases my father’s home in a fraudulent probate sale it looks like he was duped into and conducted by Judges Colin and Phillips, in a sale that goes to the FL Supreme Court on certain issues and it is at this moment in time that it is also discovered that the land trust that purchased the home is fraudulent and the allegations and evidence are being introduced into a fed court and state court and state and fed authorities, when without warning and no suicide note found, Mr. Huhem is found shortly after moving in to my parents’ home they built to be DEAD of a SHOTGUN BLAST to the head that literally, according to the Sheriff, took off his entire head (but there is no visual evidence of this in the Sheriff’s FOIA file which is thinner than a stolen bicycle file and you will remember when my brother called the Sheriff the day my dad died claiming he had been poisoned by his girlfriend and that file is thinner than thin as the investigation has been derailed and stymied through more abuse of process at the Sheriff’s house but that is a story for another day.)

So after being tortured in court with no due process rights as a qualified beneficiary with standing and my children muted through a predatory guardian who did nothing but f further the fraud against them, with the entry of a new judge Scher, everything flipped again and my rights as a beneficiary with standing have been restored and the Onion Peels, see the attached 4th DCA Appeal describing the fraud unravelling.

See also the attached two filings by FL Attorney Peter Feaman, Esq. stating that fiduciary Ted Bernstein and Alan Rose have committed fraud by fraudulently moving the court and misstating the record, etc. aka Simulated Legal Process and Obstruction of Justice both felonies. "

By Eliot Bernstein

See Attached Documents Below


Full Motion / Document

Motion For Summary Judgement Denying Ted S. Bernstein's Motion to ...

Full Document

On Appeal to the 4th District Court of Appeals from the Order of Judge Phillips
dated Sept. 1, 2016 ordering payment between the Shirley Bernstein Trust and the
Estate of Simon Bernstein and determining obligations between these parties,
hereinafter referred to as the “even up” Order.  ..

Motion and Full Document Click Below

Also See
Ted Bernstein Report for information on this Florida Probate Case and related Judicial Corruption


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fannie Mae v Huhem et,al

Fannie Mae v Huhem et,al
Filed: July 24, 2013 as 3:2013cv02894
Defendant: Theodore Hansen, Mitchell B Huhem
Plaintiff: Fannie Mae
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Contract Default