Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fannie Mae v Huhem et,al

Fannie Mae v Huhem et,al
Filed: July 24, 2013 as 3:2013cv02894
Defendant: Theodore Hansen, Mitchell B Huhem
Plaintiff: Fannie Mae
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Contract Default


Fannie Mae v Huhem et,al

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PBSO, the local police involved in the Mitch Huhem Case, the Bernstein Estate Case and the alleged murder of Simon Bernstein don't seem to actually investigate Fraud, Forgery and Murder Allegations but Instead Investigate My Blogs and Eliot Bernstein's court filings.

If only PBSO investigated the Crimes in all these cases and actually tried to STOP these guys from what they are doing to the public, as much as they research every word that is written about them and posted on my blogs or filed in Blakey's court, then there may actually be less crime in Florida, sadly that is not the case.

So PBSO saw the Blakey Illinois Court Filing, still they seem to DO NOTHING to actually protect the public.

Web Stat

Filing they Read

Monday, July 18, 2016

New Filing connected to Lions Head Property and Mitch Huhem

After reading the following court filing, there is no doubt in my mind that PBSO is corrupt. They called Ted Bernstein to the scene? Why?

Why did PBSO not include in the case file that Eliot Bernstein called or the information that he gave to them? Who is PBSO, the local police department, protecting and why?

Click the Link Below, Read Paragraph 13 and beyond. Why in the WORLD is the FBI, Attorney General, or DOJ investigating this? Oh I know they are all corrupt.

Make up your own mind, think for yourself. It is clear to me that the Police investigating the Mitch Huhem case are CORRUPT, are acting in collusion with Ted Bernstein and with attorney Laurence PINO. Dig deep, the facts see clear, however, local JUSTICE, local detectives doing anything about it, well that's a different Story.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Anonymous Post Comment


July 9, 2016

"So many inconsistencies in her story. Why does a man, going through marital issues as Deborah claims, completely change his will a few weeks before he allegedly commits suicide and remove his kids and five all money to Deborah and Laurence Pino."

So Yeah, and Why do the PBSO detective not seem to care about any of this. Problems in your relationship, yet change your will leave your kids out and put in the wife your having trouble with?

What really Happened?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

So When Did Deborah Huhem actually Last See her Husband. Was she even at the home or was she at someone else's home the night before? What is the TRUTH? Who knows? Well someone Does.

Dingy Debra so Distraught she just can't get the story straight. So when did you last see your husband you are so worried about? Was it 6 am the morning of or was it the night before? Gee I don't Know.

The Police Report page 3 Says:





Source of Above Quote, Page 3 of Police Report

So out running errands, left for work without his "personal property"?? What really happened here?

Here is the Mitch Huhem Medical Examiner Report where Deborah is noted as having said she seen her husband that very morning. So which is it?

In the police report Deborah is said to have became concerned at 5pm, in the Medical Examiners report it was SHE called the police at 4 and the deceased was found at 4:50. SO that was BEFORE the police report says that the police arrived.

Oh and in one report she woke up at 10am and in one report she woke up at Noon. Poor distraught dingbat, and all this was before she even knew he had died. She was all over the map, it seems, with her chatter and stories or someone was and all this before they even found Mitch. WOW.

oh and later in the police report, that will be posted at a later date, well she seems to have told the police she woke up at 1300, which is 1pm right? WOW if we could just figure out when she woke up maybe we can start to figure out the alleged crime.

What if she awoke at 1, he was missing for 3 hours and she had the police come over and search for him? Hmm that would be so odd.

Mitch's cell phone, watch and car was HOME but this dingbat thought he was at work all day. Oh and the business associate in the police report, I believe that was Ted Bernstein who Alan Rose, attorney claims did not know Mitch Huhem. FISHY Fishy FISHY.

Got a Tip?

Trust Yourself. Be True to YOU. Listen to YOURSELF. Pray for Answers. Discern. Think for Yourself and do your own homework.

Those of you following this case or emotionally involved, those close to Mitch Huhem. I say to you don't trust anyone. Don't Trust me, don't Trust Kevin Hall, don't trust the Police, Judges, Attorneys, no one. TRUST YOU. Trust your Gut. Pray, Discern and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the TRUTH and show you what you need to do.

There is no way to get the TRUTH out of Florida officials. In my opinion and not intended to be legal advice if you sue the Florida police personally and professionally and or anyone in Florida and you are in another state then you create Diversity and make it a Federal, higher court case and get more eyes on the evidence and get a chain of courts to appeal to higher courts. You make noise and set precedence at a level that is visible outside of the culture of corruption in Florida.

I don't know if Mitch Huhem has really died. I don't know what happened but I do know that there needs to be closure and truth. Closure for many cannot happen until they know it was really him. It is said that the family was not allowed to see the body, and as we know a corrupt, I allege, Florida judge let Deborah Huhem cremate the body to hide evidence, I Allege.

Pray and ask for God to show you what to do and what you need to do for closure, for the Truth, for Justice. Pray to be led to the right people who will not harm you. Pray for insight and clarity and Trust yourself.

God Bless You.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mitch Huhem Medical Examiner Report and the Ditzy Wife Reality Show. I am just not buying Deborah Huhem's Story.

Ok so your husband gets up at 6am to use the restroom, you go back to sleep for another 6 hours, maybe possibly believable not sure really about that. And well no goodbye kiss or note or any other communication just a gone husband? Not very close with him are ya? He is probably out without his "personal property" running those errands.

 Ok so then, "concerned" she called the police. Really? You were in the house asleep, heard no alleged shotgun in the garage, must be some good sleeping medication there, I ALLEGE. And well then the local police rush on over to find the missing husband, and they search the house, the property, the garage? OMFG really?

Is this a Ditzy house wife reality show? She can't search her own home and garage BEFORE she calls the police. Any woman or child or anyone would search the fricken property, the yard, garage before calling police. Maybe he is hurt and needs an ambulance. Maybe asleep or working in the garage. YOU Would NEVER EVER call the police after being up from say NOON to say 3 or 4 pm to find your missing husband, this don't happen in the real world.

Who created this story? I mean WOW its not even plausible, certainly not believable and well it's quite an ignorant story to have come up with. An 8 year old could have wrote her script better.

You can be damn sure if that was my husband or anyone I knew or gave a shit about, I would have been all over that property in an instant, it's called compassion, love, true caring and well being human of which this wife in the medical report below is clearly NOT.


This Don't Happen Like This. She is Full of SHIT, to Start with. oh I ALLEGE.

So were the police in on it? Just Asking? I mean REALLY what is the PBSO standard of practice for missing persons? Well ya see if your HUBBY is gone 4 hours after you wake up no sign of him maam we will come running. NOPE don't happen like that. More on all that later. (Got a tip eMail me at ReverendCrystalCox@gmail.com )

See most of the time, the ol' hubby would have to be gone 24 hours not 4 fricken hours before the police would waste their time. Unless they were in on it. Just Asking, now don't get your feathers riled up PBSO detectives who love reading my blogs.

Were they really in the process of moving in? Really? I mean didn't they take possession many months before, what's the real story with that?

A gunbox, Mossberg Shooting Systems?? WTF? There is so much here that don't add up but hey what the heck, What the Wife says GOES and then we have PINO to the rescue, corporations in Deborah Huhem's name, previous alleged murders in the home. A home of which had no business being SOLD and I allege was SOLD illegally by a FORCED Sale by Judge Martin Colin in a corrupt probate court proceeding.

The Bernstein case and now the Huhem case, stemming from this same house and Gang of ? Well it has every element of fraud, mystery, corruption, forgery, pay offices, dirty lawyers, corrupt judges as any movie mystery would need. But who cares right? How in the world do you make the PBSO follow the law or Judge Martin Collin or Judge Phillips? Or Laurence PINO or Debra Huhem or Ted Bernstein or Alan Rose, Florida Attorney? Well ya Don't !! They are Above the LAW.

However, the TRUTH will eventually wind up somewhere, God Willing.

So Dental Record ID? Is that still done? I mean in cases where the body is not burned up? I mean really, a dentist ID-ed the body? How easy are those pay offs? Maybe he is not even deceased. Maybe it was faked. The TRUTH will one day come out somewhere.

Oh and when calling the police to check on your husband who is not really even a missing person as you saw him that morning, SUSPICIOUS in and off itself, it's like she wanted the police to find him, and KNEW he was there. Where is Barney Fife when ya need him. Anyway, your so worried OMG my husband left his keys and phone, see I thought he was out RUNNING errands, literally with no phone, car or "personal property" whatever that is, laptop or wallet or WTF? Anway he is out running errands "probably" and well ya see Officer he is a motivational speaker. WTF does that have to do with calling the police because your worried about your husband whom you saw that very morning?

Is it Standard Practice to look for a missing person in Boca Raton after say HALF A DAY? Hmmm, well I guess so what do I know about all this mystery solvin' stuff.

Why in the world would you provide the nervous chatter of what he does for a living? Is that relevant in this moment? Ya NOPE and it would NOT come up in that call from a REAL WIFE who gave a shit about someone she really loved. Not a Good Actress, I ALLEGE.

I say, in my OPINION, I ALLEGE ~ Liar Liar Pants on Fire.

Here is the Mitch Huhem Medical Examiner Report if interested. If I were YOU I would not believe a word of it. It makes no sense.

So did the PBSO super detectives research this Mossberg Shooting Systems? Did they investigate this case at all? I mean like um FOR REAL. Ya know actually looking at the details of ANY OF IT?

Ok so is Mossberg Shooting Systems Shotguns available anywhere?

Why would a city guy have a Mossberg Shooting Systems SHOTGUN. I am a Montana Gal, ya Montana maybe but Boca Raton, would you have more like a pistol or some other gun for protection. Was he a bird hunter? Did the police research the gun, who bought it and when? Was it bought online? Was there a record on his computer for buying this shotgun? When? Where? Why? HELLO.

Was it bought online here http://www.mossberg.com/firearms/shotguns/  ???

Was there a background check or anything at all? Who really bought it and why?

Was it bought in person? Why do Taxpayers even bother paying the PBSO?

Mitch Huhem Death; Mitch Huhem Medical Examiner Report

I Post this with as much respect as I can. I do understand this man was a father and try and be respectful. However, for me personally, IN MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION, I do not believe this death was a suicide, therefore my blogs will stay out here in the hopes that the TRUTH comes out.

I Believe, in my Opinion that the Palm County Sheriff Office is corrupt and that they do whatever Judges such as Judge Martin Colin want them to do. Dig Deep folks, not much rights in the Florida Courts and the Police don't really investigate these crimes, it would appear they don't dare investigate, maybe they are threatened or take a pay off, not sure, but there is a whole lot of INJUSTICE going on and flat out lies. It does not add up, Period.

And how would you get JUSTICE or the Truth? The only way is to keep blogging really, and the Truth turns up. Otherwise the Police, Judges, Attorneys and more HIDE information and move on with life and forget about it.

So ...  about the Medical Examiner Report...   It seems odd to have your morning Coffee, have an Ibuprofen and then Kill Yourself? Something about that seems odd to me. If I was that distraught, I would probably skip the coffee and pain pills.

The Wife asked for help around 4pm as she did not know where he was? Where was She? Was she at Ted Bernsteins? There is so much more to all of this.

Have a Tip? eMail me at ReverendCrystalCox@Gmail.com

Click Below for Mitch Huhem Medical Examiner Report

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Years Later Alan Rose, magically allegedly finds executed “original” copies

", despite this alleged “searching” of the Simon Bernstein home as of Jan. 3, 2014 finding
no such executed original or copy of such Trust for this action to this very day, allegedly that is, nearly a year and a half later on or about May 20, 2015 just after Florida Probate Court Judge Colin mysteriously “recuses” after 2.5 years on the Probate case doing so within 24 hours of a mandatory Disqualification motion  I filed, Ted Bernstein’s other counsel. 

Alan Rose, magically allegedly finds executed “original” copies ( alleged “duplicate” originals ) of other Trusts involving my children and parents despite the fact that the PR of the Estate of Simon Bernstein by and through attorney Brian O’Connell’s law office with attorney Joy Foglietta had already fully inventoried all items in the home as of March 2015 and removed said items allegedly to storage. "

Source and Full Court Filing

"Ted Bernstein’s counsel Alan Rose then proceeded to send through the Electronic mails and wires an email on such date describing the magical find"

"8. Of course in the prior alleged “searches” of the home that occurs by Ted Bernstein and others as referenced in his First Amended Complaint filed in this action, none of these “duplicate originals” now magically found by Alan Rose had apparently turned up, nor had these “duplicate originals” turned up by the complete Inventory by Brian O’Connell’s office as PR,
allegedly that is.

9. Ted Bernstein’s counsel Alan Rose then proceeded to send through the Electronic mails and
wires an email on such date describing the magical find and attaching “copies” of the alleged
“duplicate” originals in further attempts to extort, coerce and wrongfully extract actions to
agree in the related Trust and Estate matters, yet never provided the alleged actual original
duplicate copies or the actual original documents which he and his client Ted claim not to
possess for Inspection or Review prior to an alleged pre-determined one day “validity” trial
later held in Dec. 2015.

Source and Full Court Filing

"fraudulent deed and shell company and real estate transaction involving the Lions Head lane home involving both Ted Bernstein and his counsel Alan Rose"

". .. I can affirmatively represent to this Court that as of April 16, 2016, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s
Office still had an “Open” Investigation into the alleged Suicide as I personally received a
phone call from Detective Max-Carlos A. Perez-Pizarro who specifically was seeking
information about the death and further stated that the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office was also
investigating the fraudulent deed and shell company and real estate transaction involving the
Lions Head lane home involving both Ted Bernstein and his counsel Alan Rose"

Source and Full Court Filing

The Mitch Huhem Investigation is "Blocked" Status, and is NOT Case Closed. Ted Bernstein, Alan Rose, and Adam Simon in the Simon Bernstein Estate Case. Deborah Huhem, and the PBSO Investigation, and more.

"10.   I respectfully draw the Court’s attention to Adam Simon’s affirmative representation in the
recent filed Response before this Court that the death of Mitchell Huhem was “a tragic
suicide” and note that nowhere in this filing does Adam Simon or Ted Bernstein provide any
basis of such knowledge, yet represents this to the Court as if it is fact just like Adam Simon
and Ted Bernstein filed with this Court claiming Ted Bernstein as “Trustee” of the Trust in
this case yet NEITHER party had seen such trust, can produce such Trust, or have stated the
basis for falsely filing as if this was a fact.

11.   I also respectfully remind this Court that at no time on Feb. 25th, 2016 during the hearing on
my Emergency Petition for Injunctive relief which included the 7020 Lions Head Lane home
did either Adam Simon or Ted Bernstein disclose to this Court that a dead body had just been
found at the home with alleged gunshot wounds to the head so gruesome that family members
were not allowed to view the body of the deceased as alleged by the sisters of Mitchell

12.   I can affirmatively represent to this Court that as of April 16, 2016, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s
Office still had an “Open” Investigation into the alleged Suicide as I personally received a
phone call from Detective Max-Carlos A. Perez-Pizarro who specifically was seeking
information about the death and further stated that the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office was also
investigating the fraudulent deed and shell company and real estate transaction involving the
Lions Head lane home involving both Ted Bernstein and his counsel Alan Rose, See, Petition
for All Writs Act Injunction Paragraphs 146-153..

13.   I can also state to this Court upon information and belief with the source being a direct family
member ( sister ) of deceased Mitchell Huhem that the PBSO had informed them that the
family would be notified when the Investigation was closed and that as of yesterday, Tuesday May 10, 2016 the family member sister reports she was directly told by a Supervisor in the
PBSO Central Records Unit that the Status of the Case had now suddenly changed to
“Blocked” Status and the case is Not “Open” nor “Closed” and that “Blocked” meant no one
internally could access the Case files and further stated that one of the possible reasons a case
could become “Blocked” is if an Outside Agency like the State’s Attorney’s Office was
reviewing the case or if a new lead had developed on what happened.

14. I can further say upon information and belief from the Mitchell Huhem family members (
sisters ) that as of this Tuesday, May 10, 2012 the PBSO still had not interviewed them for
alleged multiple contradictions in the storyline provided by Mitchell Huhem’s wife Deborah
Huhem in the days after the body was discovered and further that Ted Bernstein had claimed
to one sister that he was supposed to be meeting with Mitchell Huhem on the morning the
body was allegedly discovered and that Ted Bernstein portrayed himself as a “close friend” of
Mitchell Huhem’s, yet according to the sister the PBSO had not even interviewed Ted
Bernstein about the case as of March 10, 2016.

15. Ted Bernstein’s counsel, Alan Rose, however, had claimed in an Electronic mail ( email ) sent
to myself along the wires dated March 10, 2016 in part as follows: “Neither Ted nor anyone
else on your mother's side of this sale knew or needed to know about the buyer.”

16.  Yet, pictorial evidence is available showing Ted Bernstein and Mitchell Huhem together for
Thanksgiving Dinner in Nov. of 2015 and according to Mitchell Huhem’s sister, Mitchell’s
wife was “staying” with Ted Bernstein and Debbie Bernstein at their intra-coastal home in
Florida in the days after the body was allegedly discovered,

Mitchell Huhem’s wife Deborah had waited approximately 15-20 hours to even notify any of Mitchell’s blood relative family members including the sisters and Mitchell’s mother that he was even deceased,

Deborah Huhem was constantly on the phone with attorney Laurence Pino who was directly involved in setting up the fraudulent shell company that had allegedly taken the Deed to the Lion’s Head home by Deed signed by Ted Bernstein and Alan Rose, and Laurence Pino was
directing or advising Deborah Huhem to Deny family members access to the Lions Head
home to see the scene of the event and further denied the family members permission to view
the body.

17. According to the Mitchell Huhem sister’s, ultimately after the Mother flew in the next day she
insisted seeing the Lions Head Home and scene where graphic photos of a pool of blood was
found in the garage and Boxes upon boxes were found everywhere in the garage and
elsewhere and while it is not known if any of the boxes contained Records and Documents
from Simon Bernstein’s life and business, one of the sisters did indicate that at least a Medical
Record of Simon Bernstein’s had been found in the upstairs part of the home near a closet.

18. Thus, I bring these matters to the Court’s attention not only to correct the factual record as I
understand it as there is no “Official” finding of “Suicide” to my knowledge by the PBSO
currently, but also alerting the Court in advance that further investigation by authorities could
yield new evidence which may be relevant to this action as one of the many outstanding items
is the whereabouts and proper Inventory and documentation of where All of Simon
Bernstein’s Business records, files and documents have gone. See Petition for All Writs.

19.    I remind this Court that after my father Simon Bernstein had passed away and allegations of
being “poisoned” had been made at the Hospital, that Ted Bernstein indicated he and his
lawyers would be handling the matters with the police and autopsy, that when I went to my
father’s home at Lions Head I discovered his entire hard drive of files and business records
has been wiped clean and missing, that when the PBSO did eventually come by on the claim of my father being “poisoned” the PBSO did not even enter the Home to check all the
Medications and related matters in the home while I was present and claimed they would
return to do so, and after that I was never allowed entry to the home again and have not been
in the home since that time in 2012, that I later found the PBSO had instead docketed the
investigation of “poisoning” as a “Hospital Medical Records Check”, and further that I was
personally present at the home but Court ordered by Judge Colin to remain outside in on or
about March of 2015 when Joy Foglietta, attorney of the Brian O’Connell firm as PR of the
Estate were doing their “complete” Inventory and removal of ALL such items, records, etc in
the home.

20. Thus, there may be relevance as far as pattern and practice by the PBSO in “skewing”,
“sabotaging” and “steering” investigations as it relates to the investigation of the Mitchell
Huhem matter."

Source and Full Court Filing

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Attorney for Ted Bernstein, Alan Rose seems to think or be acting as if Leilani Ochoada of Lions Head Land Trust Inc. is the BUYER of 7020 Lions Head Land Boca Raton, Allegedly. Leilani Ochoada says different, Deborah Huhem is packing up the home to sell it as if it is her asset, and the Florida authorities sit back and watch it all play out doing NOTHING, seemingly.

Leilani Ochoada claims to not have been the buyer, never incorporated Lions Head Land Trust, has never been to property, and other statements, See Exhibit E, page 43-45 of the Motion below, Page 44 has Leilani Ochoada's statements.

So we clearly see that she was NOT the buyer, yet the state records show her as the owner. Now Mitch Huhem has died and lawyer Larry PinoLaurence Pino seems to have created some fraudulent, forged illusion, I Allege, in which the State of Florida does not seem to care. And now the home seems to be the asset of Deborah Huhem, and nothing to Mitch Huhem's children of which he was supporting through alimony and child support, allegedly.

Where are the authorities on this? Well hmmm.. The Florida authorities, detectives, Judges and attorneys involved in this and connected cases, as well as the Florida probate system as a whole is serious rigged, corrupt and does not honor the wishes of the deceased nor take care of minor children involved in estates. Instead the culture of corruption in the Florida probate courts benefits guardians, judges, probate attorneys, and those connected to the deceased that are greedy, heartless, and do not seem to abide by the laws, in my opinion.

7020 Lion Head Land Boca is the asset of the Simon Bernstein Estate. Yet Judge Martin Colin ordered the home be SOLD. This in conspiracy, I allege, with Ted Bernstein and his attorney Alan Rose.

Redfin Estimated the property priced at 1.8, it SOLD for 1.1, was listed prior at 3.4 million. Judge Martin Colin forced the sale to happen as alleged Trustee Ted Bernstein undersold the property in what seems to be a shady set of circumstances and where did the money go? NOT to the rightful Heirs as far as I know.

Redfin Listing, says SOLD January 15th 2016

John Poletto, Nestler Poletto Sothebys International Sellers Agent

Buyer's Agent ~ Stephanie Kaufman, Lang Realty/ BR

Ok so the question then becomes, as per real estate law, who was the Buyers Agent Stephanie Kaufman of Lang Realty representing, if she was the Buyers Agent, must have a Buyers Agreement, which is a form that is signed that she represents that buyer. So who was the BUYER that  Stephanie Kaufman of Lang Realty represented? Was it Mitch Huhem, Deborah Human, Laurence Pino, Leilani Ochoada or WHO? The deed was recorded in the name of Lions Head Land Trust which is legally owned by Leilani Ochoada.

There could be real estate fraud, mortgage fraud, title insurance fraud, life insurance fraud, corporate fraud on the Secretary of State, minors whose rights are violated, alleged murder of 2 different men that lived at the same property, and more. Yet the Department of Justice thus far seems to be not looking into all of this. Hopefully the will be soon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hey Folks, I have a question for ya.

If you know who SOLD Mitch Huhem the life insurance policy that Laurence Pino filed claim on, allegedly and Deborah Huhem is the sole beneficiary allegedly please email me at ReverendCrystalCox@Gmail.com

Who sold him, them the insurance and who was the insurance provider. Another words who is paying off the claim? And who benefited from selling the policy?

Deborah Huhem is a very Greedy and Selfish woman in my opinion. And Laurence Pino, Florida attorney, in my opinion is corrupt and down right Evil.

The Florida court system is NOT pro children. NO WAY. The Florida probate systems, police, detectives, and other authorities such as Judges DO NOT protect the children harmed by Florida probate scams such as Florida lawyer Laurence PINO is pulling off with, I Allege, co-conspirator Deborah Huhem.

There seems to be no real investigation into Mitch Huhem's Death. This is very sad as the loss of this father is devasting in and of itself. With alimony and child support needed by a family of four, you would think that a Judge that was not corrupt, should that exist in Florida, would rule that

Is hiding assets and money from these children what PINO was up to all along? Is that why Leihani Ochoada took title to the Lions Head Property in the First Place? She is a said to be a single Mother as well, and should understand what is happening to Mitch's children. Yet it seems that Florida attorney Laurence Pino is helping Deborah Huhem to run off with Mitch Huhem's estate and the heck with minor children, child support owed or their rights.

Where is Utah or Florida social services on this? It does not seem legal that minor children are not cared for in a multi-million dollar estate, not in life insurance or anything?

File complaints, stomp your feet, fight back I say. The Florida probate courts need to be investigated thoroughly by the department of Justice.

the Patricia Huhem Family Relief Fund ~ Pleas Help if you Can.

"I have known Patricia (and Mitch) for over 20 years. I met their family when they were just starting out and have seen them go through some very high and low points.

This, perhaps, is one of the lowest. The Huhem family could really use some financial support right now. Mitchell Huhem (who tragically divorced Patricia a few years ago) unexpectedly died 2 weeks ago, leaving the family in a very difficult position.

Not only is the family bereft of a father, but now there is no more child support and/or alimony coming in to assist them with their financial needs. Patricia has legal custody of her 4 children: 3 teenagers at home and one daughter currently serving an LDS mission. She is completely at a loss at how to comfort and provide for her family.

 She has already been working multiple jobs to make ends meet- and Mitch’s death has made everything that much more difficult. If you have anything to offer, your support (large or small) will be greatly appreciated!

The funds will be put to use to take care of their pressing economic needs such as food, clothing, college expenses for her second daughter that has just been accepted to college this coming fall, medical bills, schooling for her two younger children, paying for bills, the paying of a gravestone for Mitch, financial support for her missionary daughter,etc.

Patricia's immediate family resides in Chile. I know Patricia would be completely overwhelmed with gratitude for any donation you might be able to offer at this very trying, strenuous time for her and her children."

Source, and to Donate Click Below

Mitch Huhem Loved his Kids, he would NOT have left them NOTHING. Looks like another Florida Life Insurance Scam.

7020 Lions Head Lane seems to be an insurance hot spot. Why are insurance companies not investigating death's in Florida and simply paying whoever says they get paid?

Most Life Insurance does  not pay if a suicide right? Or suspected murder right? Well Heritage Life / Jackson National did in the Simon Bernstein case, that is in the Illinois courts still, and now we have another Death in that same home and a life insurance policy. How in the world are these insurance companies running this scam. Suicide does not pay insurance claims does it?

Anyway, it seems the Mitch Huhem did have a Life Insurance policy, as a prudent business man would, to protect his family in the event of his death.

Allegedly Mitch Huhem's Life Insurance policy was changed in early February of this year. That would be weeks before Mitch Huhem was murdered, or committed suicide. As my readers know I believe Mitch Huhem was Murdered.

Why are the local authorities not investigating Laurence PINO for all this?

Apparently, not only did PINO change the will and apparently write himself in, as Mitch Huhem's good friend, but PINO also allegedly has filed a claim against Mitch Huhem's life insurance, and Deborah Huhem seems to be the ONLY beneficiary though Mitch Huhem has 4 children, and would not have left a life insurance such as this.

Doesn't it look funny to local authorities that a Life Insurance policy was changed weeks before Mitch Huhem's Death, do they even care to look into these matters?

I would file a legal case against PINO, against the insurance company and dispute all this if I were Mitch's family. Though they seem to be afraid that PINO will kill them too, as I see it. PINO is a dangerous man, and Deborah Huhem and her cronies Ted Bernstein and Deborah Bernstein are all very dark and devious people.

Now remember there was no body identified right? Police alleged that the scene was to gruesome for the wife to even see. WHAT? her home she has to clean it up or have it cleaned before selling and not allowed to see?

This stuff does not add up. Why in the world would an insurance claim pay on this case? Is there even a body? Really?

Is anyone actually looking at the documents in the Simon Bernstein Case or even care what actually happened to Mitch Huhem and continues to happen to a long list of Florida Probate Court Victims?

Did Orlando attorney create a will so that Deborah Huhem would be the beneficiary of a multi-million dollar home and other assets of Mitch Huhem's estate? Is there Nothing suspect in all this to law enforcement? WOW

The West Palm Probate Court System, as well as All of Florida is VERY corrupt. You can have people that died sign trust documents and take millions in assets, you just have to know the right Judge.  There seems to be no oversight whatsoever, no murder investigations, no insurance investigation and a totally run amok system of probate in which attorneys, judges and co-conspirators get very wealthy as the rightful heirs and insurance companies get screwed over and over.

The home Mitch Huhem died in, 7020 Lions Head Lane was worth over 3 million and bought for around 1.2 due to Ted Bernstein and attorney Alan Rose acting in conspiracy, I allege, with Judge Martin Colin to force the sale of the property though the estate was in massive legal cases and the previous occupant in the home was reported as a murder.

Deborah Huhem seems to be selling the home and the beneficiary of said sale, even though attorney Laurence PINO created a FAKE corporation that owned the property and NOT Deborah.

Pino allegedly created a will to benefit Deborah Huhem and him, Laurence Pino, in February just before Mitch Huhem died, I allege was murdered. Yet the local police, insurance investigators, the FBI, the DOJ, and internal affairs in that area seem, so far to have done NOTHING to protect the public from these predatory attorneys and judges.


What are you to Do? File Complaints over and over with documented proof. Start a blog, do videos and talk about what has happened to you and who allowed it. The probate system in FLORIDA is very rigged, and the attorneys and judges seem to be a pay to play and will forge trusts and wills for whoever pays them the most, as far as I see it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Motion For Protective Order FIled by Feaman on behalf of William Stansbury; Judge John Phillips. Attorney Alan Rose, Ted Bernstein, Subpoena's and more

Read this Folks, and every motion in the Simon Bernstein Estate Case. It clearly shows the MASSIVE corruption in the Florida Probate Courts and which judges and which attorneys are involved in this culture of corruption.

Below is a filing for a Protective Order, and has Subpoena's from Ted Bernstein's AGGRESSIVE above the law attorney Alan Rose, who loves to name me, Crystal Cox in his court orders. Kind of makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that he thinks of me so much and so often.

Oh and just for the ol' record whatever that may be, I have never spoke to a William Stansbury, never met him, read his name in court documents, never emailed him nor been emailed by him but WOW Alan Rose must be scared that his illegal activities are soon to be VERY CLEAR TO ALL. SO he is throwing another FIT by way of huff and puff court filings.

Read Below

Judge John Robert Blakey Order; "Based on the evidence in the record, and “construing all facts and reasonable inferences in the light most favorable to the nonmoving party,” the Court finds that there are genuine issues of material fact as to whether the Trust was executed and, if so, upon what terms. There remains a triable issue of fact such that a “reasonable jury could return a verdict for the non-moving party,”

MEMORANDUM Opinion and Order Signed 
by the Honorable John Robert Blakey on 3/15/2016.

Summary Judgement for Plaintiff DENIED, Proceed to Trial;

"Here, there is a genuine dispute of fact concerning the existence of the Trust
and its terms. To establish the existence of the Trust, Plaintiffs rely primarily on
testimony from Ted Bernstein and David Simon. According to that testimony,
Simon Bernstein executed the trust documents as set out in Plaintiffs’ Exhibits 15
and 16. However, the testimony of David Simon and Ted Bernstein, along with the
testimony of the other Plaintiffs, is barred by the Illinois Dead Man’s Act to the
extent it relates to conversations with the deceased or to any events which took
place in the presence of the deceased. See 735 ILCS 5/8-201.1 This dramatically
limits the testimony upon which Plaintiffs may rely in support of their motion, and
leaves the Court without any direct testimony describing the Trust’s creation."

In addition to testimony, Plaintiffs rely on a series of documents purporting
to show that the Trust was created. As mentioned above, Plaintiffs offer Exhibits
15 and 16 as unexecuted versions of the Trust. Yet those documents offer Plaintiffs
little support in the absence of the testimony from David Simon and Ted Bernstein
describing how some form of those exhibits was executed by Simon Bernstein. In
addition to Exhibits 15 and 16, Plaintiffs offer the following:

• Ex. 19 – A 6/21/95 IRS Form SS-4 “Application for Employer Identification
Number” on behalf of the “Simon Bernstein Irrevocable Insurance Trust.”
The Form SS-4 purports to be signed by Shirley Bernstein, Simon’s wife.
It is unclear from the face of the document whether it was submitted to or
approved by the IRS.

    1. There is an exception to the Dead Man’s Act that reads: “If any person testifies on behalf of the
representative to any conversation with the deceased . . . or to any event which took place in the
presence of the deceased . . . any adverse party or interested person, if otherwise competent, may
testify concerning the same conversation or event.” This exception does not apply to the testimony
cited by the Intervenor here because that testimony was given by Ted Bernstein and David Simon on
behalf of the Plaintiffs. It was not given on behalf of the estate’s representative. The Intervenor
merely cited to Plaintiffs’ evidence as a way of showing that the resolution of this matter would
involve credibility determinations with regard to Plaintiffs’ witnesses.

• Ex. 18 – An 8/8/95 “Request for Service” asking to transfer the ownership
of Simon Bernstein’s life insurance policy to the “Simon Bernstein
Irrevocable Insurance Trust dtd 6/21/1995.” This document refers to
“ownership” of the policy, and does not affect the policy’s beneficiaries.

• Exhibit 4 – An “Employee Death Benefit Plan and Trust . . . Beneficiary
Designation” in which Simon Bernstein designated the “Simon Bernstein
Irrevocable Insurance Trust” as the beneficiary to receive his death
benefits. Note that this document does not refer to the Trust at issue
here, the “Simon Bernstein Irrevocable Insurance Trust dated 6/21/95.” It
is unclear from the record if that was an oversight, or was intentionally
done to refer to a distinct trust. This document is dated 8/26/1995.

• Exhibit 8 – An 11/7/95 “Request Letter” asking to change the successor
beneficiary of Simon Bernstein’s life insurance policy to the “Simon
Bernstein Irrevocable Insurance Trust Dated June 21, 1995.” This
document includes a response from the insurance company stating that
the “Simon Bernstein Ins. Trust” had been named a contingent

• Exhibit 36 – A 4/23/2010 letter from Heritage Union Life Insurance to
Simon Bernstein that lists the contingent beneficiary of Simon Bernstein’s
life insurance policy as “Simon Bernstein Trust, N.A.” However, the
insurance company’s representative explained that no one had ever
submitted a change of beneficiary request designating “Simon Bernstein
Trust, N.A.” as a beneficiary of the policy. That representative explained,
without apparent firsthand knowledge, that he thought that the “Simon
Bernstein Trust, N.A.” name was used by mistake by an employee of the
insurance company. Don Sanders Aff. at ¶¶ 69-71.

While the above sources do provide some evidence that the Trust was created,
as Plaintiffs contend, that evidence is far from dispositive of the issue. In fact, the
Intervenor has presented argument and evidence casting material doubt on
whether: (1) the Trust was actually created; and (2) the terms of the Trust are as
explained by Plaintiffs. The Intervenor argues as follows:

• The results and timing of the Plaintiffs search for the Trust raise doubts
about their version of events. Plaintiffs claim that David Simon found
both a hard copy and an electronic version of the Trust in his office. David
Simon has offered testimony here that he aided Simon Bernstein in
creating the Trust, and then kept both versions of the unexecuted Trust.

However, David Simon’s search for the Trust documents occurred approximately a year after Simon Bernstein had died. Almost a year earlier, immediately after Simon Bernstein’s death, the family had conducted an “exhaustive search” for the Trust, and none was found.

Between the two searches, the Bernstein siblings and their former
attorney exchanged many emails addressing how best to obtain the
insurance proceeds. Intervenor’s Ex. A, Dep. Exs. 1-5, 8-18. Many of the
emails reference the inability to locate the Trust document. Id. David
Simon was a participant in those emails, but he did not relate a
recollection of the critical facts from his affidavit regarding his memory of
Simon Bernstein executing the Trust. Nor did those emails cause David
Simon to search his own office for the missing documents. That search did
not occur until after David Simon’s brother (Adam Simon) and his firm
were retained as counsel in this matter.

• In the course of their attempts to obtain the policy proceeds, the Bernstein
siblings discussed using a different trust that had been established by
Simon Bernstein – the “2000 Trust.” Intervenor’s Ex. A at 37:4-18; 48:21-
49:19; Dep. Ex. 1. That option was rejected because Pam Simon was not
included as a beneficiary of that trust. Id. The 2000 Trust is important,
however, in that it identifies the proceeds of the policy at issue here as an
asset of that trust. Intervenor’s Ex. A, Dep. Ex. 23 at Schedule A. The
2000 Trust does not refer to an alleged 1995 trust, which the 2000 trust
would have superseded.

• The original complaint in this matter does not refer to a written trust.
Despite David Simon’s statement that he recalls having created the trust
on his own computer and having seen it after execution, the original
Complaint in this matter makes no reference to the execution of a written
trust. Instead, it refers only to the existence of a “common law trust.” [1].
It makes no mention of the trust documents from Exhibits 15 and 16.

• Plaintiffs have offered testimony that, when Simon Bernstein took his
trust to be executed at his law firm (then Hopkins & Sutter), the firm
changed the identity of the successor trustee. This implies that the firm
would have had an electronic version of the Trust, and possibly a hard
copy. David Simon testified that the firm was contacted to see if it had a
copy of the executed trust and did not; but David Simon could not recall
who contacted the firm, which attorneys were contacted, or if he himself
reached out to the firm at all. Intervenor’s Ex. B at 44:12-45:15; 46:22-

• David Simon also testified that when Simon Bernstein returned from
executing the Trust he helped Mr. Bernstein prepare documents to be
submitted to the insurance company in order to give effect to the Trust.

He also testified that he would have expected the insurance company to retain copies. 

David Simon does not remember any details about who contacted the insurance company. But it is clear that the company retained no copies of documents relevant to the Trust. Intervenor’s Ex. B
at 43:10-44:2.

• The purported trust documents, Exhibit 15 and 16, contain
inconsistencies as to who would serve as the trustee.

Exhibit 16 lists the potential trustees as “Shirley,” “David,” and an illegible name. It then
lists the successor trustees as “Pam, Ted.” Exhibit 15 lists Shirley as the trustee, and David B. Simon as the successor trustee. However, when the Trust first made a claim to the insurance company, it represented that an attorney by the name of Spallina was the trustee. Intervenor’s Ex. B at
59:13-60:3; 81:15-83:12.

Despite all of this, in the current proceeding
the Plaintiffs claim that Ted Bernstein is the trustee.

Based on the evidence in the record, and “construing all facts and reasonable
inferences in the light most favorable to the nonmoving party,” the Court finds that
there are genuine issues of material fact as to whether the Trust was executed and,
if so, upon what terms. There remains a triable issue of fact such that a “reasonable
jury could return a verdict for the non-moving party,” Liberty Lobby, 477 U.S. at
255, and therefore summary judgment is inappropriate. Plaintiffs’ motion is denied
with regard to Count II.


Dated: March 15, 2016
Judge John Robert Blakey
United States District Court

Source and to Read Order

Judge John Robert Blakey Court Illinois; Heritage Life Insurance / Bernstein Case. Mitch Huhem Death, Judge David French, Judge Martin Colin, attorney Alan Rose, Deborah Huhem, Ted and Deborah Bernstein, attorney Laurence Pino and more.

Status Hearing Memorandum

"As this Court can note, Mitch Huhem was referenced in my Petition for Injunction in Paragraphs 146-153 starting with a conversation I had with one Leilani Ochoada on Feb. 18th, 2016 who knew that I was bringing the information she provided into this Federal Court and other Federal
and state authorities as of that date where Ms. Ochoada had provided information showing
Orlando attorney Laurence Pino, alleged “friend” of Mitch Huhem, had been involved in falsely
filing Articles of Incorporation for a Lion’s Head Land Trust Inc. falsely using Leilani Ochoada’s
name allegedly to hide from the public the name of Mitch Huhem who was allegedly taking the
property in a Sale by Ted Bernstein and his attorney Alan Rose.

The information by the family further provides that Debra Huhem, wife of Mitch Huhem, waited
some approximately 16-24 Hours until Wednesday, February 24, 2016 on the same day I, Eliot
I. Bernstein, actually filed Electronically the referenced Petition naming Mitch Huhem and
Laurence Pino, before Debra Huhem Called ANY blood relative of Mitch Huhem to report the
Death and then upon doing so invited one of the family members to the Intra-Coastal Home of
Ted and Debbie Bernstein, both who were involved in the underlying transaction about to
be exposed in this Federal court the next day.

It is further understood that No PBSO members had contacted ANY of the blood relatives of Mitch Huhem by this point and the wife Debra Huhem was using Mitch’s cell-phone in the days after which may have Evidence of his interactions with Ted Bernstein and others for the alleged “business meeting” that didn’t occur where Mitch Huhem ends up dead instead.

On the Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016, the day I filed Electronically in this Court on the Petition for
Injunction, the family member allegedly found out from Debra Huhem that her blood relative
Mitch Huhem was allegedly found the day before by the PBSO with such gruesome gunshot
wounds to the head the Wife did not see the body while TED BERNSTEIN was claiming on
Wed, Feb. 24, 2016 at his IntraCoastal home that he was “excited” to see Mitch Huhem on the
morning he allegedly went “missing” as Ted and Mitch were allegedly starting “a new business
together” but then Mitch allegedly didn’t show up.

Yet, Ted Bernstein’s attorney certainly did not Notify this Court on Feb. 25, 2016 that a Dead
body had been found at one of the very places I was seeking to Enjoin the Loss of Evidence
and Order the preservation of evidence and assets, nor in the Florida Probate Court
proceeding later the same day with Judge Phillips where neither Attorney Alan Rose nor his
Client Ted Bernstein had informed Judge Phillips about a Dead body at the St. Andrew’s Home
that I had just sought to enjoin and prevent the Loss of evidence and Order the preservation of
evidence and assets.

Upon information and belief from the confidential family members of Mitch Huhem, allegedly the
PBSO had not spoken to Ted Bernstein about Mitch Huhem’s Death as of over 15 days later
March, 10, 2016 where Mitch was allegedly “meeting” with Ted Bernstein on the day of this

Likewise, the PBSO had allegedly not interviewed Laurence Pino, the Orlando attorney friend of
Mitch Huhem allegedly involved in the false set up of Lion’s Head Land Trust according to
Leilani Ochoada as of the time Debra Huhem brought a Petition to State Court Judge David
French being represented by Laurence Pino in a Petition to take control of the Body for
Cremation where the Mitch Huhem blood relative family had evidence that Mitch Huhem had
purchased a Burial Plot in Utah, thus presently letting Debra Huhem destroy all evidence while
the Case is allegedly “Open” with the PBSO. 

Judge David French is the Florida Probate Judge who was actually Assigned to the Simon Bernstein Estate case at the time of May 2013 when Eliot I. Bernstein first filed his Emergency Motion to Freeze Assets and the Cases based upon Discovering Fraud in the Court Of Judge Martin Colin involving Ted Bernstein’s other business partner attorneys Tescher and Spallina where both Robert
Spallina and their paralegal Kimberly Moran have already admitted to frauds in the case.

Yet, as previously shown to this Court, Judge Colin “stepped over” into the Simon Bernstein
Estate case of Judge David French, Denied my May 2013 Emergency Petition in both Shirley
and Simon’s case, took over Simon’s case where I had just exposed fraud in Judge Colin’s
court, allowed Tescher and Spallina to remain in the case and with all Original files until Feb.
2014, some 8 months later and that alleged “Trustee” Ted Bernstein even upon learning of the fraud by my May 2013 Petition and the ultimate Admissions by Spallina and Tescher has still never taken any action to validate or question Tescher and Spallina and to the contrary, have
continued to “work with” at least Robert Spallina as a “friendly” Witness in Florida proceedings
where SEC Consent Orders are violated by the Testimony and no party to my knowledge but
myself has reported this to authorities.

Further, where it was shown in the recent Petition for Injunction by the Palm Beach Post Investigation that Judges Colin and French are socially very close.

From the same confidential Huhem family sources it has been Discovered that at least one
Simon Bernstein Medical record was found with Mitch Huhem’s possessions in the upstairs of
the St. Andrew’s home and reports of Boxes upon Boxes at the home are present as well, yet
the sources indicate Debra Huhem has been left to “clean up and clear out” all the evidence at
the Scene of the Death and in general where Pictorial evidence at the Blood scene by the family
could lead a lay person to question the “official” story thus far which has been suggested to be a
“suicide” with No Suicide note allegedly found and with the PBSO not even interviewing Ted
Bernstein who was supposed to be meeting with Mitch Huhem on the morning of Tuesday, Feb.
23, 2016 for a “business meeting” when it is known Leilani Ochoada was in contact with
Laurence Pino and Leilani Ochoada knew these matters were going to federal authorities and
into federal court. "

Source of the Above Motion and to Read Full Document

Monday, March 14, 2016

Is the Palm Beach County Sheriff Detectives, the FBI, the DOJ, and all those detectives and authorities supposedly investigating the Death of Simon Bernstein and now of Mitch Huhem actually investigating, questioning, looking into this stuff at all?

a Few Questions:

1. Why hasn't the PBSO questioned the person Mitch Huhem allegedly was supposed to be Meeting with on the morning of Tuesday Feb. 22nd 2016 being Ted Bernstein as of March 10th, 2016?

2. Why hasn't PBSO questioned the man who claims he had an appointment to work out with Mitch Huhem the night he died?

3. Why hasn't PBSO questioned Laurence Pino as to why he created a fake LLC, and why he seems to be in HUGE financial business with Deborah Huhem.

4. Why is PBSO so quick to call it a Suicide but the authorities don't even question the person was supposed to be having a Business Meeting with (Ted Bernstein, allegedly)? Or even consider Mitch Huhem's death to be a murder and NOT a suicide?

5. Why did Mitch Huhem's wife Debra Huhem Not Call ANY of Mitch's Actual Family for nearly 24 HOURS After Mitch was allegedly first discovered Missing? Was he missing? Why can't the family see the body or the crime scene? Was there really a death?

6. Where was Debra Huhem during the time that Mitch Huhem allegedly killed himself ?  Was she "hanging out" at Ted and Debbie Bernstein's?

7. Why has Ted Bernstein alledgedly not talked to the PBSO yet and his friend and business partner, Mitch Huhem, was found dead in Ted Bernstein's father's garage? Where a few years before, Ted, himself called the PBSO claiming his father Simon Bernstein was murdered while living in that very home at 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton Florida.

8. What about Laurence Pino?  When was he questioned by the PBSO? Was he?

9. If it is an Open investigation, why didn't the PBSO notify Judge David French the Investigation was Open when a Hearing came up to determine who has proper authority to make decisions for Mitch's Estate, Mitch Huhem's body and burial, when his so called "friend" attorney Laurence Pino who allegedly changed Mitch Huhem's Will and was involved in setting up the fraudulently filed Lions Head Land Trust Inc., witnessed by attorney Alan Rose of Mrachek Law firm and was a Witness who should be questioned by authorities, not acting as an attorney for Dehborah Huhem in a major conflict of interest in David French's court?

10. Why hasn't Attorney Alan Rose been questioned by the PBSO, as he witnessed the signature of the Lions Head Land Trust Inc., that took title to the property and was a fraudulent corporation of which he new and conspired to create and take title, allegedly?

Much more on this and action you can take to demand justice, coming soon.

Contact the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Palm County Sheriff Office, the Florida Attorney General, the Florida Governor, and more. Here are a few contacts for now.

Demand that the Florida probate court Judges, attorneys and co-conspirators have a full investigation at every level. Demand that the Mitch Huhem death be investigated, reported on and that full disclosure of all cases, deaths, and cover ups related to 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton Florida be investigated.

Any complaint you file, send me a copy along with who you filed it with, so we can ensure accountability, truth, and transparency.

Complaint to DOJ against Florida Police Officers not taking action and not actually investigating the crimes associated with 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton.

Contact the U.S. Department of Justice

The Division of Internal Affairs Boca Raton


City of Orlando Internal Affairs

Orlando Police Headquarters
Email to OPDInternalAffairs@CityofOrlando.net

FBI Contact Information


FBI Tampa
5525 West Gray Street
Tampa, FL 33609
Phone: (813) 253-1000
E-mail: tampa.division@ic.fbi.gov


PBSO Office (Local Detectives)

Boca Raton Police

More to this story at