Saturday, March 5, 2016

Alan Rose Florida Probate attorney working for / with Ted Bernstein, taking a look at the stats below and two documents clearly showing that Mitch Huhem was speaking for and racking up bills for the Bernstein Family Heirs as of September 2015, long before the property was actually SOLD.

First the document below which is a filed lien against the property at 7020 Lions Head. It shows the customer or client in which seemed to have authorized the expense against the estate, the home, to be a Mitch Huhem of the Shirley Bernstein Estate.

Keep in mind folks that Shirley Bernstein died long before Simon Bernstein, they both had lived at 7020 Lion Head Lane in Boca Raton Florida. Simon Bernstein was reported as murdered, and the investigation seems to have went no where.

Judge Martin Colin forced the Sale of 7020 Lions Head Lane per Judicial Order. Another words Judge Martin Colin made the heirs, by Judicial Order, sell this property to Mitch Huhem specifically. Then for some reason Mitch Huhem disguised the title holder of the property in an LLC with other people's name all over it and the only way it was known that Mitch Huhem was the real owner was by way of "gossip" among the country club staff.

More on Lion Head Land Trust

How did Mitch Huhem and his attorney, Laurence Pinot authorize expenses that would have to be paid by the Heirs of the Simon Bernstein Estate? How did the Shirley Bernstein Estate have these guys authorize such an expense? Where was Alan Rose, attorney for the estates ALLEGED Trustee in all this? Ted Bernstein?

The Document says that the property was owned by the Shirley Bernstein Trust? Was It? If so she died before Simon Bernstein so that all seems fishy to me.

Lien Document

Document 2 Regarding Property Lien overview, Authorized by a Mitch Huhem allegedly of the Shirley Bernstein Trust? Yet it seems, as a matter of law that if Mitch was on the property at that time he was a squatter.. So who authorized all this?  Attorney ALAN ROSE?

Why is Mitch Huhem Dead? Was it really a Mitch Huhem Suicide or a Mitch Huhem Murder? Did Mitch Huhem know to much about Alan Rose, Ted Bernstein, Judge Martin Colin, Judge John Philips, Laurence Pinot, Proskauer Rose Law Firm or ??? What or WHO, directly or indirectly Caused Mitch Huhem's Death?

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