Sunday, March 13, 2016

Alan Rose sure seems Ruffled up about the TRUTH regarding the Lions Head Land Trust Inc SCANDAL being all over the internet. Why did Alan Rose witness that document? Oh the Tangled Web we Weave.

So Alan Rose, Florida Probate attorney has some personal communication relationship with
Leilani Ochoada, how did that happen?

How does Alan Rose, attorney for Ted Bernstein, whom I would call the FRAUDULENT Trustee for the Shirley Bernstein Estate and Simon Bernstein Estate, have access to Leilani Ochoada?

Did Alan Rose WITNESS her signature as he seems to have sworn to? I mean, after all he did sign as a witness, and in full knowledge of Florida Laws, that the rightful person, director, legal signer had actually signed the warranty deed and all. Yet that did not really happen.

Does Alan Rose, attorney for Trustee Ted Bernstein and Ted himself, consider Leilani Ochoada the "Buyer" of 7020 Lions Head Lane, Boca Raton ? Come on now, that can't be.

Why was Mitch and Deborah Huhem member's of the St. Andrews County Club? Why were they living in the home? And doing so long before the closing of the property?

Was Leilani Ochoada of the Lions Head Land Trust Inc. renting them the home? She claims she is not the buyer and has never been there, and that shady attorney Laurence PINO set the whole thing up, she had no idea he was doing it. And she did not seem to fond of Mitch Huhem, so I doubt that she would rent to him.

Ted Bernstein and his wife Deborah Bernstein are or were all cozy with Mitch and Deborah Huhem right? Friends and all right? I mean so friendly that rumor has it Deborah Huhem was at Ted and Deborah Bernstein's LAIR while Mitch Huhem was murdered, oh I mean committed suicide.

So Did Ted and Deborah Bernstein and their cozy friend Deborah Huhem know that Mitch would die that night?

Boy Mitch sure didn't know. He had a book coming out in 3 weeks, and he had a workout buddy waiting for him that very night. Odd, ODD night to take one's life, when someone is waiting for you and life is going so good. Hmmm...

Mitch LOVED his children VERY much and not his buddy PINO, who seems to have some claim in Mitch's will, more on that later. Mitch Huhem clearly wanted to be buried in Utah, or he would not have bought a plot and spent so much money years prior not only on that plot but to have his grandfather buried there too.

So why all the cover up?

Why all the Secrecy around this ALLEGED Suicide.

Geez, if it was a suicide, let the family see the body, let them mourn, have a conscience. Let them see the place he committed suicide, give them closure, why not? Oh ya, it wasn't a suicide. Well in my personal opinion.

What REALLY is Ted Bernstein's attorney Alan Rose's role in all this? Got a Tip,

Did attorney Alan Rose suggest in legal papers that Leilani Ochoada was the "Buyer" of the St. Andrew's property at 7020 Lions Head Lane?

How in the world is Deborah PINO, oh I mean Deborah HUHEM able to sell a property that Leilani Ochoada controls according to Secretary of State documents? oh Ya, Laurence PINO just makes up corporations, wills and whatever he pleases and Judge David French protects him to do so.

What government agency, what authority will actually stand up to the THUGS that run the Florida Probate Courts? We see MURDER, Suicide, Millions stolen and diverted, forged documents, trust documents signed by the deceased, life insurance policies paid in the MILLIONS with NO POLICY, and much more. Where is the FBI, the United States Department of Justice, the Florida attorney general, the Florida police?

What is truly big enough that has them all so scared to bring these Judges and attorneys to justice? What is at the root of the Culture of Corruption in the Florida probate courts? Is it all about MONEY? These RICH powerful MEN, come on it is more then money, right?

I mean RICH powerful men do NEED "escorts" after all right?

Got a Tip,

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