Thursday, March 24, 2016

Attorney for Ted Bernstein, Alan Rose seems to think or be acting as if Leilani Ochoada of Lions Head Land Trust Inc. is the BUYER of 7020 Lions Head Land Boca Raton, Allegedly. Leilani Ochoada says different, Deborah Huhem is packing up the home to sell it as if it is her asset, and the Florida authorities sit back and watch it all play out doing NOTHING, seemingly.

Leilani Ochoada claims to not have been the buyer, never incorporated Lions Head Land Trust, has never been to property, and other statements, See Exhibit E, page 43-45 of the Motion below, Page 44 has Leilani Ochoada's statements.

So we clearly see that she was NOT the buyer, yet the state records show her as the owner. Now Mitch Huhem has died and lawyer Larry PinoLaurence Pino seems to have created some fraudulent, forged illusion, I Allege, in which the State of Florida does not seem to care. And now the home seems to be the asset of Deborah Huhem, and nothing to Mitch Huhem's children of which he was supporting through alimony and child support, allegedly.

Where are the authorities on this? Well hmmm.. The Florida authorities, detectives, Judges and attorneys involved in this and connected cases, as well as the Florida probate system as a whole is serious rigged, corrupt and does not honor the wishes of the deceased nor take care of minor children involved in estates. Instead the culture of corruption in the Florida probate courts benefits guardians, judges, probate attorneys, and those connected to the deceased that are greedy, heartless, and do not seem to abide by the laws, in my opinion.

7020 Lion Head Land Boca is the asset of the Simon Bernstein Estate. Yet Judge Martin Colin ordered the home be SOLD. This in conspiracy, I allege, with Ted Bernstein and his attorney Alan Rose.

Redfin Estimated the property priced at 1.8, it SOLD for 1.1, was listed prior at 3.4 million. Judge Martin Colin forced the sale to happen as alleged Trustee Ted Bernstein undersold the property in what seems to be a shady set of circumstances and where did the money go? NOT to the rightful Heirs as far as I know.

Redfin Listing, says SOLD January 15th 2016

John Poletto, Nestler Poletto Sothebys International Sellers Agent

Buyer's Agent ~ Stephanie Kaufman, Lang Realty/ BR

Ok so the question then becomes, as per real estate law, who was the Buyers Agent Stephanie Kaufman of Lang Realty representing, if she was the Buyers Agent, must have a Buyers Agreement, which is a form that is signed that she represents that buyer. So who was the BUYER that  Stephanie Kaufman of Lang Realty represented? Was it Mitch Huhem, Deborah Human, Laurence Pino, Leilani Ochoada or WHO? The deed was recorded in the name of Lions Head Land Trust which is legally owned by Leilani Ochoada.

There could be real estate fraud, mortgage fraud, title insurance fraud, life insurance fraud, corporate fraud on the Secretary of State, minors whose rights are violated, alleged murder of 2 different men that lived at the same property, and more. Yet the Department of Justice thus far seems to be not looking into all of this. Hopefully the will be soon.

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