Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Deborah Huhem is a very Greedy and Selfish woman in my opinion. And Laurence Pino, Florida attorney, in my opinion is corrupt and down right Evil.

The Florida court system is NOT pro children. NO WAY. The Florida probate systems, police, detectives, and other authorities such as Judges DO NOT protect the children harmed by Florida probate scams such as Florida lawyer Laurence PINO is pulling off with, I Allege, co-conspirator Deborah Huhem.

There seems to be no real investigation into Mitch Huhem's Death. This is very sad as the loss of this father is devasting in and of itself. With alimony and child support needed by a family of four, you would think that a Judge that was not corrupt, should that exist in Florida, would rule that

Is hiding assets and money from these children what PINO was up to all along? Is that why Leihani Ochoada took title to the Lions Head Property in the First Place? She is a said to be a single Mother as well, and should understand what is happening to Mitch's children. Yet it seems that Florida attorney Laurence Pino is helping Deborah Huhem to run off with Mitch Huhem's estate and the heck with minor children, child support owed or their rights.

Where is Utah or Florida social services on this? It does not seem legal that minor children are not cared for in a multi-million dollar estate, not in life insurance or anything?

File complaints, stomp your feet, fight back I say. The Florida probate courts need to be investigated thoroughly by the department of Justice.

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  1. Deborah gave a different story to the Family. Saying she was at the house finishing a chemical peel when realized Mitch wasn't back from his morning exercise. Also realizing his laptop, keys,(No car) including cell phone were still in the house. She freaks out calls the police? Said she looked for Mitch everywhere in the house. Wouldn't you call security first check if he is outside talking to neighbors (Security cameras?) And when police came they of course found him. Why isn't she a suspect!! Or her son who also lived at the house.Is there a way to get pictures of the scene. The whole story doesn't even make sense. And Deborah is not even responding to all normal questions that the family has. Stating they were having marital issues and out of nowhere Mitch had bipolar disorders when was he diagnosed? He had spent a weekend long with his mom after a business trip his Mom saw him Happy as always and ready forr all that his upcoming plans with the book and his businesses (Deborah hated that he spend time with his family!! All the attention needs to be with her at all times.(Not to mention other nastiness Deborah says about the husband she said to Loved!!) Really!!now that he is gone. If they were having issues why buy a house in Feb?


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