Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Did Orlando attorney create a will so that Deborah Huhem would be the beneficiary of a multi-million dollar home and other assets of Mitch Huhem's estate? Is there Nothing suspect in all this to law enforcement? WOW

The West Palm Probate Court System, as well as All of Florida is VERY corrupt. You can have people that died sign trust documents and take millions in assets, you just have to know the right Judge.  There seems to be no oversight whatsoever, no murder investigations, no insurance investigation and a totally run amok system of probate in which attorneys, judges and co-conspirators get very wealthy as the rightful heirs and insurance companies get screwed over and over.

The home Mitch Huhem died in, 7020 Lions Head Lane was worth over 3 million and bought for around 1.2 due to Ted Bernstein and attorney Alan Rose acting in conspiracy, I allege, with Judge Martin Colin to force the sale of the property though the estate was in massive legal cases and the previous occupant in the home was reported as a murder.

Deborah Huhem seems to be selling the home and the beneficiary of said sale, even though attorney Laurence PINO created a FAKE corporation that owned the property and NOT Deborah.

Pino allegedly created a will to benefit Deborah Huhem and him, Laurence Pino, in February just before Mitch Huhem died, I allege was murdered. Yet the local police, insurance investigators, the FBI, the DOJ, and internal affairs in that area seem, so far to have done NOTHING to protect the public from these predatory attorneys and judges.


What are you to Do? File Complaints over and over with documented proof. Start a blog, do videos and talk about what has happened to you and who allowed it. The probate system in FLORIDA is very rigged, and the attorneys and judges seem to be a pay to play and will forge trusts and wills for whoever pays them the most, as far as I see it.

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