Sunday, March 13, 2016

If there is no Body, no Police Press Release, no news; was there really a Death at all? Is Judge David French helping attorney Laurence Pino and Deborah Huham pull all this off? Where is the Palm Beach Sheriff?

Internet posting on some online Gossip rag that Mitch Huhem was found Deceased at "his" St. Andrew's Home, and this was just days after Leilani Ochoada on Feb. 18th, 2016, informed attorney Laurence Pino that it was known that a false corporation was created.

The Palm County police still have not done a press release that I know of. There was no local or national news on this death. There was no body seen by any family or anyone that knew Mitch Huhem. His family was not allowed to see the body. Judge David French RULED in favor of Deborah Huhem that she is the only next kin, as far as I know.

The family can't know where the body is, where the cremated remains will be, where the grave will be.  SO did Mitch Huhem really die? Where is the proof?

The PBSO claims yes there was a body there, they claim it was Mitch Huhem and not a murder. I believe it was an officer Wells that confirmed the police went to 7020 Lions Head Lane that night on a service call and yes there was a body and it was not a murder.

If I were writing a high finance murder mystery, I would say that there was no body, no death and that it's all been staged. Why would Mitch Huhem's family not be allowed to see his body?

Now if Mitch Huhem allegedly left his estate to his good friend Laurence PINO and his wife, I believe. Then hmm is Mitch alive somewhere? Why all the secrecy with the body? Why no family to see the body or the crime scene. What REALLY happened? Who benefits?

Why in the world did lawyer Laurence Pino allegedly write himself into the will? Why is nothing left to Mitch's children? Why is all this LEGAL in the state of Florida?

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  1. Very good questions that I would love to have the answers to myself!


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