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Judge John Robert Blakey Court Illinois; Heritage Life Insurance / Bernstein Case. Mitch Huhem Death, Judge David French, Judge Martin Colin, attorney Alan Rose, Deborah Huhem, Ted and Deborah Bernstein, attorney Laurence Pino and more.

Status Hearing Memorandum

"As this Court can note, Mitch Huhem was referenced in my Petition for Injunction in Paragraphs 146-153 starting with a conversation I had with one Leilani Ochoada on Feb. 18th, 2016 who knew that I was bringing the information she provided into this Federal Court and other Federal
and state authorities as of that date where Ms. Ochoada had provided information showing
Orlando attorney Laurence Pino, alleged “friend” of Mitch Huhem, had been involved in falsely
filing Articles of Incorporation for a Lion’s Head Land Trust Inc. falsely using Leilani Ochoada’s
name allegedly to hide from the public the name of Mitch Huhem who was allegedly taking the
property in a Sale by Ted Bernstein and his attorney Alan Rose.

The information by the family further provides that Debra Huhem, wife of Mitch Huhem, waited
some approximately 16-24 Hours until Wednesday, February 24, 2016 on the same day I, Eliot
I. Bernstein, actually filed Electronically the referenced Petition naming Mitch Huhem and
Laurence Pino, before Debra Huhem Called ANY blood relative of Mitch Huhem to report the
Death and then upon doing so invited one of the family members to the Intra-Coastal Home of
Ted and Debbie Bernstein, both who were involved in the underlying transaction about to
be exposed in this Federal court the next day.

It is further understood that No PBSO members had contacted ANY of the blood relatives of Mitch Huhem by this point and the wife Debra Huhem was using Mitch’s cell-phone in the days after which may have Evidence of his interactions with Ted Bernstein and others for the alleged “business meeting” that didn’t occur where Mitch Huhem ends up dead instead.

On the Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016, the day I filed Electronically in this Court on the Petition for
Injunction, the family member allegedly found out from Debra Huhem that her blood relative
Mitch Huhem was allegedly found the day before by the PBSO with such gruesome gunshot
wounds to the head the Wife did not see the body while TED BERNSTEIN was claiming on
Wed, Feb. 24, 2016 at his IntraCoastal home that he was “excited” to see Mitch Huhem on the
morning he allegedly went “missing” as Ted and Mitch were allegedly starting “a new business
together” but then Mitch allegedly didn’t show up.

Yet, Ted Bernstein’s attorney certainly did not Notify this Court on Feb. 25, 2016 that a Dead
body had been found at one of the very places I was seeking to Enjoin the Loss of Evidence
and Order the preservation of evidence and assets, nor in the Florida Probate Court
proceeding later the same day with Judge Phillips where neither Attorney Alan Rose nor his
Client Ted Bernstein had informed Judge Phillips about a Dead body at the St. Andrew’s Home
that I had just sought to enjoin and prevent the Loss of evidence and Order the preservation of
evidence and assets.

Upon information and belief from the confidential family members of Mitch Huhem, allegedly the
PBSO had not spoken to Ted Bernstein about Mitch Huhem’s Death as of over 15 days later
March, 10, 2016 where Mitch was allegedly “meeting” with Ted Bernstein on the day of this

Likewise, the PBSO had allegedly not interviewed Laurence Pino, the Orlando attorney friend of
Mitch Huhem allegedly involved in the false set up of Lion’s Head Land Trust according to
Leilani Ochoada as of the time Debra Huhem brought a Petition to State Court Judge David
French being represented by Laurence Pino in a Petition to take control of the Body for
Cremation where the Mitch Huhem blood relative family had evidence that Mitch Huhem had
purchased a Burial Plot in Utah, thus presently letting Debra Huhem destroy all evidence while
the Case is allegedly “Open” with the PBSO. 

Judge David French is the Florida Probate Judge who was actually Assigned to the Simon Bernstein Estate case at the time of May 2013 when Eliot I. Bernstein first filed his Emergency Motion to Freeze Assets and the Cases based upon Discovering Fraud in the Court Of Judge Martin Colin involving Ted Bernstein’s other business partner attorneys Tescher and Spallina where both Robert
Spallina and their paralegal Kimberly Moran have already admitted to frauds in the case.

Yet, as previously shown to this Court, Judge Colin “stepped over” into the Simon Bernstein
Estate case of Judge David French, Denied my May 2013 Emergency Petition in both Shirley
and Simon’s case, took over Simon’s case where I had just exposed fraud in Judge Colin’s
court, allowed Tescher and Spallina to remain in the case and with all Original files until Feb.
2014, some 8 months later and that alleged “Trustee” Ted Bernstein even upon learning of the fraud by my May 2013 Petition and the ultimate Admissions by Spallina and Tescher has still never taken any action to validate or question Tescher and Spallina and to the contrary, have
continued to “work with” at least Robert Spallina as a “friendly” Witness in Florida proceedings
where SEC Consent Orders are violated by the Testimony and no party to my knowledge but
myself has reported this to authorities.

Further, where it was shown in the recent Petition for Injunction by the Palm Beach Post Investigation that Judges Colin and French are socially very close.

From the same confidential Huhem family sources it has been Discovered that at least one
Simon Bernstein Medical record was found with Mitch Huhem’s possessions in the upstairs of
the St. Andrew’s home and reports of Boxes upon Boxes at the home are present as well, yet
the sources indicate Debra Huhem has been left to “clean up and clear out” all the evidence at
the Scene of the Death and in general where Pictorial evidence at the Blood scene by the family
could lead a lay person to question the “official” story thus far which has been suggested to be a
“suicide” with No Suicide note allegedly found and with the PBSO not even interviewing Ted
Bernstein who was supposed to be meeting with Mitch Huhem on the morning of Tuesday, Feb.
23, 2016 for a “business meeting” when it is known Leilani Ochoada was in contact with
Laurence Pino and Leilani Ochoada knew these matters were going to federal authorities and
into federal court. "

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