Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mitch Huhem Loved his Kids, he would NOT have left them NOTHING. Looks like another Florida Life Insurance Scam.

7020 Lions Head Lane seems to be an insurance hot spot. Why are insurance companies not investigating death's in Florida and simply paying whoever says they get paid?

Most Life Insurance does  not pay if a suicide right? Or suspected murder right? Well Heritage Life / Jackson National did in the Simon Bernstein case, that is in the Illinois courts still, and now we have another Death in that same home and a life insurance policy. How in the world are these insurance companies running this scam. Suicide does not pay insurance claims does it?

Anyway, it seems the Mitch Huhem did have a Life Insurance policy, as a prudent business man would, to protect his family in the event of his death.

Allegedly Mitch Huhem's Life Insurance policy was changed in early February of this year. That would be weeks before Mitch Huhem was murdered, or committed suicide. As my readers know I believe Mitch Huhem was Murdered.

Why are the local authorities not investigating Laurence PINO for all this?

Apparently, not only did PINO change the will and apparently write himself in, as Mitch Huhem's good friend, but PINO also allegedly has filed a claim against Mitch Huhem's life insurance, and Deborah Huhem seems to be the ONLY beneficiary though Mitch Huhem has 4 children, and would not have left a life insurance such as this.

Doesn't it look funny to local authorities that a Life Insurance policy was changed weeks before Mitch Huhem's Death, do they even care to look into these matters?

I would file a legal case against PINO, against the insurance company and dispute all this if I were Mitch's family. Though they seem to be afraid that PINO will kill them too, as I see it. PINO is a dangerous man, and Deborah Huhem and her cronies Ted Bernstein and Deborah Bernstein are all very dark and devious people.

Now remember there was no body identified right? Police alleged that the scene was to gruesome for the wife to even see. WHAT? her home she has to clean it up or have it cleaned before selling and not allowed to see?

This stuff does not add up. Why in the world would an insurance claim pay on this case? Is there even a body? Really?

Is anyone actually looking at the documents in the Simon Bernstein Case or even care what actually happened to Mitch Huhem and continues to happen to a long list of Florida Probate Court Victims?

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