Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Motion For Protective Order FIled by Feaman on behalf of William Stansbury; Judge John Phillips. Attorney Alan Rose, Ted Bernstein, Subpoena's and more

Read this Folks, and every motion in the Simon Bernstein Estate Case. It clearly shows the MASSIVE corruption in the Florida Probate Courts and which judges and which attorneys are involved in this culture of corruption.

Below is a filing for a Protective Order, and has Subpoena's from Ted Bernstein's AGGRESSIVE above the law attorney Alan Rose, who loves to name me, Crystal Cox in his court orders. Kind of makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that he thinks of me so much and so often.

Oh and just for the ol' record whatever that may be, I have never spoke to a William Stansbury, never met him, read his name in court documents, never emailed him nor been emailed by him but WOW Alan Rose must be scared that his illegal activities are soon to be VERY CLEAR TO ALL. SO he is throwing another FIT by way of huff and puff court filings.

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