Tuesday, March 22, 2016

the Patricia Huhem Family Relief Fund ~ Pleas Help if you Can.

"I have known Patricia (and Mitch) for over 20 years. I met their family when they were just starting out and have seen them go through some very high and low points.

This, perhaps, is one of the lowest. The Huhem family could really use some financial support right now. Mitchell Huhem (who tragically divorced Patricia a few years ago) unexpectedly died 2 weeks ago, leaving the family in a very difficult position.

Not only is the family bereft of a father, but now there is no more child support and/or alimony coming in to assist them with their financial needs. Patricia has legal custody of her 4 children: 3 teenagers at home and one daughter currently serving an LDS mission. She is completely at a loss at how to comfort and provide for her family.

 She has already been working multiple jobs to make ends meet- and Mitch’s death has made everything that much more difficult. If you have anything to offer, your support (large or small) will be greatly appreciated!

The funds will be put to use to take care of their pressing economic needs such as food, clothing, college expenses for her second daughter that has just been accepted to college this coming fall, medical bills, schooling for her two younger children, paying for bills, the paying of a gravestone for Mitch, financial support for her missionary daughter,etc.

Patricia's immediate family resides in Chile. I know Patricia would be completely overwhelmed with gratitude for any donation you might be able to offer at this very trying, strenuous time for her and her children."

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