Saturday, March 5, 2016

Where is the Main Stream Media on the Mitch Huhem Case? Why is the Palm County Sheriff not putting out a press release? Why a rush to cremate though the family does not want it?

What is the Palm County Sheriff Office / Detectives doing to investigate? Well I don't believe anything as an officer Wells I believe, a supervisor on duty Monday Feb. 29th. said it was NOT a murder. So I guess they must have dusted the gun for fingerprints, looked for gun powder and all that detective work OR just called it a suicide and moved on.

The Palm County Detectives sure seem to have looked the other way on the death of Simon Bernstein and all the other related OBVIOUS crimes by local probate attorneys and Judges.

Why is there such a rush to cremate Mitchell Huhem? It seems that his wishes were to be buried in Utah in a plot he already bought. If that was not his wishes why would he have a plot there?

Why is Mitch's newest wife Deborah Huhem not allowing Mitch Huhem to be buried as he wished or his family wished?

Is there a rush to cremate in order to hide evidence?

Was there even an autopsy?

Did anyone who actually knew Mitch Huhem Identify the body? NOT according to the quote below.

The Family Says this on Facebook:

"This is where Mitch should be burried! With his family, next to his two deceased sons and grandfather, AND by his children so they can visit him!!!

His 2nd wife Deborah, who he has only been married to Mitch for a few years, wants to CREMATE him, and has been trying to do it all week, despite our family wishes! Mitch's kids are pleading with her!

No one who knows Mitch has even Identified his BODY!!! 

She will NOT allow us to see the crime scene pictures or see his body. We need help! Please make a comment that he MUST be burried by his children in Provo, Utah.

Mitch already bought himself a plot here years ago. 

This is a petition I will send to the police department. This is urgent! The more signatures the better!"

In Loving Memory of Mitchell B. Huhem Facebook Page

FILE a Police Report Guys. Contact the Palm County Sheriff Office, ask for the lead detective for the suicide or death at 7020 Lion Head Lane Tuesday Feb. 23.  Ask for Freedom of Information documents. File a murder report if you believe he was murdered. Sign sworn Notarized statements and put in the case file and in the report you file. Make a STAND. Clearly there is no main stream media on this, why? To protect Florida Judges, Probate Attorneys and Financial Corruption.

Get an Attorney, Try and get an Injunction to stop the cremation and demand and investigation.

More on all this at; be sure and use the small search bar in the upper left to search the blog, I have been posting on it for many years.

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