Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PBSO, the local police involved in the Mitch Huhem Case, the Bernstein Estate Case and the alleged murder of Simon Bernstein don't seem to actually investigate Fraud, Forgery and Murder Allegations but Instead Investigate My Blogs and Eliot Bernstein's court filings.

If only PBSO investigated the Crimes in all these cases and actually tried to STOP these guys from what they are doing to the public, as much as they research every word that is written about them and posted on my blogs or filed in Blakey's court, then there may actually be less crime in Florida, sadly that is not the case.

So PBSO saw the Blakey Illinois Court Filing, still they seem to DO NOTHING to actually protect the public.

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Filing they Read

Monday, July 18, 2016

New Filing connected to Lions Head Property and Mitch Huhem

After reading the following court filing, there is no doubt in my mind that PBSO is corrupt. They called Ted Bernstein to the scene? Why?

Why did PBSO not include in the case file that Eliot Bernstein called or the information that he gave to them? Who is PBSO, the local police department, protecting and why?

Click the Link Below, Read Paragraph 13 and beyond. Why in the WORLD is the FBI, Attorney General, or DOJ investigating this? Oh I know they are all corrupt.

Make up your own mind, think for yourself. It is clear to me that the Police investigating the Mitch Huhem case are CORRUPT, are acting in collusion with Ted Bernstein and with attorney Laurence PINO. Dig deep, the facts see clear, however, local JUSTICE, local detectives doing anything about it, well that's a different Story.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

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July 9, 2016

"So many inconsistencies in her story. Why does a man, going through marital issues as Deborah claims, completely change his will a few weeks before he allegedly commits suicide and remove his kids and five all money to Deborah and Laurence Pino."

So Yeah, and Why do the PBSO detective not seem to care about any of this. Problems in your relationship, yet change your will leave your kids out and put in the wife your having trouble with?

What really Happened?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

So When Did Deborah Huhem actually Last See her Husband. Was she even at the home or was she at someone else's home the night before? What is the TRUTH? Who knows? Well someone Does.

Dingy Debra so Distraught she just can't get the story straight. So when did you last see your husband you are so worried about? Was it 6 am the morning of or was it the night before? Gee I don't Know.

The Police Report page 3 Says:





Source of Above Quote, Page 3 of Police Report

So out running errands, left for work without his "personal property"?? What really happened here?

Here is the Mitch Huhem Medical Examiner Report where Deborah is noted as having said she seen her husband that very morning. So which is it?

In the police report Deborah is said to have became concerned at 5pm, in the Medical Examiners report it was SHE called the police at 4 and the deceased was found at 4:50. SO that was BEFORE the police report says that the police arrived.

Oh and in one report she woke up at 10am and in one report she woke up at Noon. Poor distraught dingbat, and all this was before she even knew he had died. She was all over the map, it seems, with her chatter and stories or someone was and all this before they even found Mitch. WOW.

oh and later in the police report, that will be posted at a later date, well she seems to have told the police she woke up at 1300, which is 1pm right? WOW if we could just figure out when she woke up maybe we can start to figure out the alleged crime.

What if she awoke at 1, he was missing for 3 hours and she had the police come over and search for him? Hmm that would be so odd.

Mitch's cell phone, watch and car was HOME but this dingbat thought he was at work all day. Oh and the business associate in the police report, I believe that was Ted Bernstein who Alan Rose, attorney claims did not know Mitch Huhem. FISHY Fishy FISHY.

Got a Tip?

Trust Yourself. Be True to YOU. Listen to YOURSELF. Pray for Answers. Discern. Think for Yourself and do your own homework.

Those of you following this case or emotionally involved, those close to Mitch Huhem. I say to you don't trust anyone. Don't Trust me, don't Trust Kevin Hall, don't trust the Police, Judges, Attorneys, no one. TRUST YOU. Trust your Gut. Pray, Discern and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the TRUTH and show you what you need to do.

There is no way to get the TRUTH out of Florida officials. In my opinion and not intended to be legal advice if you sue the Florida police personally and professionally and or anyone in Florida and you are in another state then you create Diversity and make it a Federal, higher court case and get more eyes on the evidence and get a chain of courts to appeal to higher courts. You make noise and set precedence at a level that is visible outside of the culture of corruption in Florida.

I don't know if Mitch Huhem has really died. I don't know what happened but I do know that there needs to be closure and truth. Closure for many cannot happen until they know it was really him. It is said that the family was not allowed to see the body, and as we know a corrupt, I allege, Florida judge let Deborah Huhem cremate the body to hide evidence, I Allege.

Pray and ask for God to show you what to do and what you need to do for closure, for the Truth, for Justice. Pray to be led to the right people who will not harm you. Pray for insight and clarity and Trust yourself.

God Bless You.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mitch Huhem Medical Examiner Report and the Ditzy Wife Reality Show. I am just not buying Deborah Huhem's Story.

Ok so your husband gets up at 6am to use the restroom, you go back to sleep for another 6 hours, maybe possibly believable not sure really about that. And well no goodbye kiss or note or any other communication just a gone husband? Not very close with him are ya? He is probably out without his "personal property" running those errands.

 Ok so then, "concerned" she called the police. Really? You were in the house asleep, heard no alleged shotgun in the garage, must be some good sleeping medication there, I ALLEGE. And well then the local police rush on over to find the missing husband, and they search the house, the property, the garage? OMFG really?

Is this a Ditzy house wife reality show? She can't search her own home and garage BEFORE she calls the police. Any woman or child or anyone would search the fricken property, the yard, garage before calling police. Maybe he is hurt and needs an ambulance. Maybe asleep or working in the garage. YOU Would NEVER EVER call the police after being up from say NOON to say 3 or 4 pm to find your missing husband, this don't happen in the real world.

Who created this story? I mean WOW its not even plausible, certainly not believable and well it's quite an ignorant story to have come up with. An 8 year old could have wrote her script better.

You can be damn sure if that was my husband or anyone I knew or gave a shit about, I would have been all over that property in an instant, it's called compassion, love, true caring and well being human of which this wife in the medical report below is clearly NOT.


This Don't Happen Like This. She is Full of SHIT, to Start with. oh I ALLEGE.

So were the police in on it? Just Asking? I mean REALLY what is the PBSO standard of practice for missing persons? Well ya see if your HUBBY is gone 4 hours after you wake up no sign of him maam we will come running. NOPE don't happen like that. More on all that later. (Got a tip eMail me at )

See most of the time, the ol' hubby would have to be gone 24 hours not 4 fricken hours before the police would waste their time. Unless they were in on it. Just Asking, now don't get your feathers riled up PBSO detectives who love reading my blogs.

Were they really in the process of moving in? Really? I mean didn't they take possession many months before, what's the real story with that?

A gunbox, Mossberg Shooting Systems?? WTF? There is so much here that don't add up but hey what the heck, What the Wife says GOES and then we have PINO to the rescue, corporations in Deborah Huhem's name, previous alleged murders in the home. A home of which had no business being SOLD and I allege was SOLD illegally by a FORCED Sale by Judge Martin Colin in a corrupt probate court proceeding.

The Bernstein case and now the Huhem case, stemming from this same house and Gang of ? Well it has every element of fraud, mystery, corruption, forgery, pay offices, dirty lawyers, corrupt judges as any movie mystery would need. But who cares right? How in the world do you make the PBSO follow the law or Judge Martin Collin or Judge Phillips? Or Laurence PINO or Debra Huhem or Ted Bernstein or Alan Rose, Florida Attorney? Well ya Don't !! They are Above the LAW.

However, the TRUTH will eventually wind up somewhere, God Willing.

So Dental Record ID? Is that still done? I mean in cases where the body is not burned up? I mean really, a dentist ID-ed the body? How easy are those pay offs? Maybe he is not even deceased. Maybe it was faked. The TRUTH will one day come out somewhere.

Oh and when calling the police to check on your husband who is not really even a missing person as you saw him that morning, SUSPICIOUS in and off itself, it's like she wanted the police to find him, and KNEW he was there. Where is Barney Fife when ya need him. Anyway, your so worried OMG my husband left his keys and phone, see I thought he was out RUNNING errands, literally with no phone, car or "personal property" whatever that is, laptop or wallet or WTF? Anway he is out running errands "probably" and well ya see Officer he is a motivational speaker. WTF does that have to do with calling the police because your worried about your husband whom you saw that very morning?

Is it Standard Practice to look for a missing person in Boca Raton after say HALF A DAY? Hmmm, well I guess so what do I know about all this mystery solvin' stuff.

Why in the world would you provide the nervous chatter of what he does for a living? Is that relevant in this moment? Ya NOPE and it would NOT come up in that call from a REAL WIFE who gave a shit about someone she really loved. Not a Good Actress, I ALLEGE.

I say, in my OPINION, I ALLEGE ~ Liar Liar Pants on Fire.

Here is the Mitch Huhem Medical Examiner Report if interested. If I were YOU I would not believe a word of it. It makes no sense.

So did the PBSO super detectives research this Mossberg Shooting Systems? Did they investigate this case at all? I mean like um FOR REAL. Ya know actually looking at the details of ANY OF IT?

Ok so is Mossberg Shooting Systems Shotguns available anywhere?

Why would a city guy have a Mossberg Shooting Systems SHOTGUN. I am a Montana Gal, ya Montana maybe but Boca Raton, would you have more like a pistol or some other gun for protection. Was he a bird hunter? Did the police research the gun, who bought it and when? Was it bought online? Was there a record on his computer for buying this shotgun? When? Where? Why? HELLO.

Was it bought online here  ???

Was there a background check or anything at all? Who really bought it and why?

Was it bought in person? Why do Taxpayers even bother paying the PBSO?

Mitch Huhem Death; Mitch Huhem Medical Examiner Report

I Post this with as much respect as I can. I do understand this man was a father and try and be respectful. However, for me personally, IN MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION, I do not believe this death was a suicide, therefore my blogs will stay out here in the hopes that the TRUTH comes out.

I Believe, in my Opinion that the Palm County Sheriff Office is corrupt and that they do whatever Judges such as Judge Martin Colin want them to do. Dig Deep folks, not much rights in the Florida Courts and the Police don't really investigate these crimes, it would appear they don't dare investigate, maybe they are threatened or take a pay off, not sure, but there is a whole lot of INJUSTICE going on and flat out lies. It does not add up, Period.

And how would you get JUSTICE or the Truth? The only way is to keep blogging really, and the Truth turns up. Otherwise the Police, Judges, Attorneys and more HIDE information and move on with life and forget about it.

So ...  about the Medical Examiner Report...   It seems odd to have your morning Coffee, have an Ibuprofen and then Kill Yourself? Something about that seems odd to me. If I was that distraught, I would probably skip the coffee and pain pills.

The Wife asked for help around 4pm as she did not know where he was? Where was She? Was she at Ted Bernsteins? There is so much more to all of this.

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Click Below for Mitch Huhem Medical Examiner Report