Saturday, July 29, 2017

Let's Not Ever Forget that the Property that Judge Martin Colin Refused to allow a Lis Pendens on and made sure that Ted Bernstein was able to sell and for UNDERVALUE, well the new own died on the property. They say it is a Suicide, I will NEVER believe that. The Crime scene photos, the evidence, well ya NO evidence to a Suicide. Either Mitch Huhem was murdered or he simply vanished and got another name.

"Donald Trump Friend, Motivational Speaker, MIT FINANCIAL CEO, Utah Native, Mitch Huhem Found Dead in $3.4 Million-Boca Raton Home… Suicide Suspected!

Robert Paisola Reports

Before I begin, I want all of my former and current associates in Utah who worked day in and day out with us at MIT Financial in Salt Lake City, Utah and at The Learning Annex, where we united with Mr. Donald Trump that this is a severe loss for the business.  I have been in hundreds of strategy  meetings with Mitch and he was a great man.  Mitch, You my friend, will forever be missed. You made a lot of us very wealthy both financially and spiritually.
Robert Paisola


BOCA RATON — Close Donald Trump friend Mitch Huhem, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker who had seven children, was found dead in his Boca Raton mansion Tuesday night.

Authorities believe Huhem, 45, shot himself in the head with a handgun in his garage at St. Andrews Country Club.

The Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed Huhem’s body was brought in for an autopsy performed early Wednesday. The results have not been made public.

But Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Spokeswoman Teri Barbera confirmed investigators believe Huhem indeed committed suicide.

Huhem, who became a self-made millionaire at 26, wrote in his online bio he was the first to get presidential candidate Donald Trump before the public as a business seminar speaker.

Huhem got Trump to speak on the topic financial freedom. I , Robert Paisola was personally in his office so many times as we would venture from "the castle" to our office in Orem, Utah. The thought of a 25 year old like me getting to do a deal with Donald Trump.... That is when I started with the company MIT Financial in Utah, under Dr. RG Williams and the boys at our massive executive retreat off of I-15 in Sandy Utah.

Publicly, Huhem seemed to have it all, and not just because he had a beautiful wife and enough kids to build a basketball team. He was an amazing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (The Mormons)

Boca Raton motivational speaker Mitch Huhem, who was dead at home in Boca Raton Tuesday

He ran a successful seminar company that taught folks how to become millionaires. The company, MIT or Millionaires in Training, once conducted 1,600 seminars a year in 638 U. S. cities.

Huhem claimed he offered investment advice to presidents, Olympic athletes, celebrities, captains of industry and national heroes.

Huhem also specialized in multi-level marketing. Early in life, according to his bio, he built and managed a direct sales organization of 600,00 distributors in 22 countries that collectively brought in $480 million.

In private, however, Huhem may have been struggling — and not able to live up to his glowing claims.  (I Personally call BS on this one)

Public records in Orlando, where he owned a modest suburban house, show Huhem and a business partner defaulted on a $2 million-loan and owed a bank nearly $3 million with interests and fees.

According to Orange County records, he was accused of stalking a woman who was not his wife in 2013.

The woman’s request for a stay-away order was denied by a judge."

Source of Quotes above

Ted Berndstein and Mitch Huhem were friends, you know that.

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