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What is the Palm Beach Sheriff Office Hiding in regarding the Friend of Donald Trump, Mitch Huhem's ALLEGED Suicide?

Why has PBSO not looked into EVERY Single Aspect of Mitch Huhem's Death. Who is Paying or Threatening PBSO to NOT look into ALL THIS?

From Eliot Bernstein Court Filing, his Parents Owned the Home, it SHOULD not have been SOLD. It was SOLD via Corrupt Legal Proceedings.

" Having personally viewed many of the pictures taken by the PBSO at my parents’ home
I can clearly affirm to this Court the very grotesque shocking nature of the death of Mitch
Huhem with blood pool and brain parts and fragments in my parents’ garage and yet
having spent nearly an hour on the phone with Detective Perez on or around April 16,
2016 on the Mitch Huhem death providing background information and even other
witnesses to call, there is not one single solitary mention of the phone call with me by
Detective Perez or anyone else in the PBSO that shows up anywhere in the alleged

17.  "Likewise, there is not one single reference or note from any information or conversation
provided to the PBSO by Mitch Huhem’s sisters and mother, nor any indication the
PBSO tried to take any statement from Mitch’s daughters who he spoke to in the days
before he was found dead according to his sisters and yet what has been turned over by
the PBSO are documents, pictures, records, photos and audio tapes showing glaring and
irrefutable contradictions of key details beginning with a 9/11 called claiming Mitch may
be “suicidal” by one Deborah Huhem which is later contradicted in a subsequent 911 Call
before a body is allegedly discovered where it turns out the body is only a few hundred
feet or more away from Deborah Huhem in the same house at 7020 Lions Head Lane,
Boca Raton, Fl.

18. The lack of any consistent evidence turned over by the PBSO includes but is not limited
to contradictions of when the body is allegedly discovered, how the body appears when
discovered, contradictions of when Mitch was last seen by his wife, contradictions of his
last 24 hours and further not one single note or call or interview with key witness Leilani
Ochoada either who is referenced in my Feb. 24, 2016 Emergency Petition for an
Injunction under the All Writs Act as someone who came forward claiming she gave no
permission or authorization to Laurence Pino to incorporate this company in her name
that was used to take my parent’s home.

19. Consistent with what has gone on in this case in Illinois, however, the one common
thread shown by the PBSO disclosures to date is that Ted Bernstein is at the epicenter of
all of this being mentioned by Deborah Huhem multiple times on the the day the body is
allegedly found, being referred to by Deb Huhem, being called by Deb Huhem,
supposedly having meetings on the day in question with Mitch Huhem, even Ted
Bernstein being called to the “scene” at 7020 Lions Head Lane by an unknown,
unidentified member of the PBSO and yet NO statement is taken of Ted Bernstein by the
PBSO until on or about late May of 2016 after these matters were disclosed to this Court
and yet consistent with the close special relationship between Ted Bernstein and the
PBSO, his “interview” is not even recorded with no audio tape made and nothing under
oath allegedly at Ted’s request.

20. Allegedly the phone information of Mitch Huhem’s phone and calls with Ted Bernstein
have been lost and or destroyed either by Deb Huhem or the PBSO allowing Deb Huhem
to keep the phone after the body was found even though the phone itself is the topic of
the alleged original 911 call, but it is fair to say that the discoveries from this part of the
case itself provide substantial “New Evidence” at least for motions in the related Florida
courts and may potentially provide same in this Court as well and thus the extension is
further needed to sort out and asseess these new details coming to light.

21. For relevancy purposes I respectfully refer your Honor back to the Feb. 24, 2016
Emergency Petition and not only take note of the “Discovery” abuse game going on for
years but also the “magically” found documents that show up at places like Lions Head
Lane AFTER it had already been Inventoried and documents removed by the PR, Brian
O’Connell, Esq. firm and remind your Honor of the Missing Mail and documents and
account information and computer information from the Lions Head Lane home and
failed court ordered inventory of Simon’s office whereby all his office records are now
presumed lost or destroyed, all of which relates and is relevant to matters before this
Court and where are the Trusts and Insurance information and similar information.

22. I have previously provided the FBI with this Court’s Docket for review as well and will
be copying certain federal authorities on this motion herein due to the serious nature of
the actions, the crimes committed in the various frauds upon the Courts and what now
appears to many to be a gruesome bloody matter of foul play while certain Courts
continue on in the machinery of fraud denying access presently to proper records and
discovery. "

Source and Full Court Filing and Full Document

PBSO Seems to have Covered up Something, but What ?

I have communicated with many folks over years. People that had appointments with Mitch that very day. Mitch Huhem was NOT Suicidal as far as I have been able to come up with. So what happened? Was Mitch's death related to the fraudulent home sale by Ted Bernstein, was it related to activities in the home, as the PBSO photos are pretty disgusting, that home seems to have had alot going on there. What? I am unsure of.  Ted Bernstein claimed to NOT know Mitch Huhem as did his attorney Alan Rose state in court records that Ted did not know Mitch Huhem, yet Ted had a business meeting with him that day and well there there is this thanksgiving photo. Ted Bernstein on the far left and next to him is his buddy Mitch Huhem. 

What did Ted Bernstein Really have to Do with all this?
 I suspect financial schemes and dirty deals Galore.
in my Opinion

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